Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well, parent teacher conferences were this week. Because of this the kids have been having "short" days which is really inconvenient. I dont know what I would do if I had to work full time during the day. Im so grateful that Denver has a good job and that I am able to work a schedule that allows me to be home during the school week...... Its really pointless for Evan to even go to school for 2 hours in my opinion... what in the world do they accomplish in 2 hours?

Ian's conference was first. His teacher asked him what he thought he was good at and his response was....P.E. Mmmmmm, I dont think that is what she was after. So after not getting an answer from him she decided to tell us what SHE thinks Ian is good at. First of all she said reading....he is an excellent reader and is still reading on 4th/5th grade level. The second thing she stated is that he is good at "scientific thinking/reasoning" she says that he thinks like a Scientist. This made Ian beam. He likes science. I was worried about his math only because we struggle so much with the homework. I am left wondering if he even understands what he is doing. Well, apparently he knows EXACTLY what he is doing. He tests in the 90% everytime. I guess he just has poor focus sometimes and gets lazy and wants me to give him the answers. She says that gifted students often exhibit this type of behavior but when it comes time to test them, they always score high because they understand everything. Ian is too social that is his problem. His goal is to work on focusing on his work during class and not on his friends. I seem to remember similar comments on my elementary school report card too.....must run in the genes!

Tonight we went to see Evan's teacher. She is such a nice lady and Evan likes her a lot. She tells us that Evan is very good with numbers and counting. He is able to count to 100 without any help. He also has excellent handwriting. He is a very sweet boy with tender feelings but has no problem making friends. He has a wonderful imagination and tells great stories. There were snowmen hanging on the walls that the kids in his class made and honestly Evan's was better than all of them. He was so neat with his work and kept inside the lines. I was very impressed. His goal is to work on sounding out words. He get shy and clams up when asked to do it so he needs to work on that. But other than that he is right on track for the 1st grade.

Addie has hit her terrible 2's early. Nothing but tantrums every day. Geesh. The boys never did this so it is all new for me. Must be a girly thing. Oh well, I will deal with it because when she is not flailing herself all over the floor and screaming at a pitch that would shatter glass, she is pure JOY.

So, that really is all that has happened so far this week. Nothing major, nothing very exciting. Just wanted to report on the kids progress in school!

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Alisha said...

What cute kids! Addison looks very grown up in her pictures! I'm so glad that you all are doing well! I love the new music! You'll have to let me know how to add something like that to my blog!