Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hair Talk......

For those of you that have known me for some time, you know how important good hair is to me. It doesnt really matter what I am wearing or how much makeup I have on, as long as my hair looks good, I feel good. For years I was the one with "good hair" and people always asked me where I got my hair done. Well, in recent years I have found myself in a hair funk. It's as if I forgot how to do hair or what looks good....I cant seem to get it just right. So, I have tried different things.....and I always go back to the same. Long story short I think I finally highlighted my hair to death. Literally.... because after the last 2 highlighting jobs I have had done, my hair was literally like straw. I haven't been able to do anything with it for the past 2 months at least. It's just been awful and has made me feel awful in the process. Enter my friend Kim.

Kim has done my hair off and on for the past 7 years or so. I bounce around with hairdressers for no particular reason.....but everytime she has colored my hair it has turned out amazing! So, I called her for help. The verdict was scary. I was going to have to go darker for a while.

I have always been blonde but as I have aged and given birth to 3 children my hair has slowly but surely gone dark dark blonde, and I have refused to accept it. So anyway, I let her do her thing...and it is definitely darker but I am so happy with the results!

My hair already feels so much healthier although there is still some work to do. **this picture above makes its look lighter than it actually is....** This was just the first go around.... Knowing me I'll be light blonde again by Summer....and you can bet Kim will be the one coloring it. She really is fabulous!

Kim works at Bella Mia Salon in Midvale and this salon has everything your little heart could desire.

Nails, Hair, Massage, Pedi's, Waxing...even spray on tanning! Of course I had to bring Addison along with me (she has learn somehow right?) and the salon staff was so nice to her. I appreciated them keeping her company while I sat in the chair.

Kim was kind enough to give me a certificate for a free hair cut and color for anyone that is interested who reads my blog. So, if you live in the area (or not.... if you dont mind the drive) leave a comment on this post and let me know! First come, first serve.... you really wont regret it. And hello, who can turn down free hair service!!

Thanks Kim for your friendship and your help with my sad hair :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Not that I dont love this picture of my children that is on my blog header but it is a Christmas picture....and Im really sick of the black background. I need a change but sadly, I havent taken many pictures lately. I better work on it. Change is coming soon. I also have darker hair. Dont panic....it's not black or anything....not that black hair is a bad thing. It's just not a 'me' thing. Anyway...my friend Kim rescued my horrible, damaged hair. But in doing so, I had to commit to darker hair. Its been difficult but I am getting used to it. Addison keeps telling me that I can only have darker hair for one more day. Ha ha. Anyway, picture to come with a post about my fabulous friend and her salon!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is Anyone Still Reading This Blog???.......

Hello world. Time has really flown by since we entered the new year. I cant even find a solid excuse for why I have been so non-existent lately. Just life in general I guess..... I think the best thing to do at this point is just give a quick update and post a few groups of pictures that show what we've been up to and then vow not to let so much time pass between posts from here on out. Otherwise I will be on the computer all night long trying to bring you all up to speed!

Since the last post which was technically January 24.... we have moved! That has probably been the main reason for no posts. We had been on a waiting list for the family student apartments at the University of Utah and received notice the first week of February that they finally had an apartment for us. So I spent most of February packing, cleaning, and unpacking....the latter of which I am still doing. This move has been interesting to say the least. Although it is going to be a great thing for us financially and the kids have already benefited from it in the amount of kids they have to play with now, there is definitely some adjustments being made on my end. Let's just say some days we are a little too close for comfort! I miss my basement terribly....there is something to be said about having a whole floor to yourself when you need peace and quiet! On the plus side is the cheap rent and the ability that I now have to continue with my schooling. Also, the playground right outside our door has provided countless hours of fun for the kids. Since we have been having some Spring-ish weather, there have been days that they have gone outside for hours and come back in red faced from all the playing. That alone makes the move A-Ok in my book!

The first part of March my parents flew in for a visit. We had a great time when Grandpa treated us to a day at the Dinosaur museum.

The kids were in heaven with all the fun, lunch, ice cream and souveneirs..... I enjoyed it too and wish they could have stayed longer

I took the kids to the Discovery museum as well which was fun. It is such a cool interactive place for kids....they had fun flying the helicopter, acting on stage, being on the news, riding the horse and playing house. That place is well worth the money!

Lets see, we also had scouts and a fun performance by Evan's 2nd grade class about Africa.

Doctors visits for allergies and asthma which included having Ian re-tested for peanuts. He has been showing interest lately in peanut butter and so the test just reaffirmed that he is still deathly allergic and needs to stay away....we are hoping soon to start a therapy that would make it so he could eat up to 12 peanuts a day without serious reactions....it isnt a cure but at least it would take the "deathly" out of the equation! As you can see little Soren joined us....we hardly see him anymore and miss him terribly so any chance I get to drag him along with us I take it! Nathan and Alisa will be having another little boy in July so we are excited for that to come!

So for some individual updates:

ME: I am still in school and although I am doing well, I am definitely struggling to balance everything. The homework load has been rough this semester and it seems like I barely have my head above water with keeping up. I am on Spring break this week and have enjoyed not having to go to class. I have been dabbling in family history also. This has proven to be fun but potentially time consuming and considering how little time I already have, I should step away from it completely. But, its so cool! The boys were thrilled to find out that we are related to the real-life Indiana Jones, Hiram Bingham....the man who discovered Machu Picchu in Peru. Also, I am discovering my family members on my dad's Smith side of the family. This is my fathers biological dad....not the father that raised him. It brings mixed emotions to delve into this side of the family but I have really enjoyed corresponding with some of these people and finding out about my ancestors.

Denver: Denver is also still in school and nearly finished. He recently flew to South Carolina to interview with his company for a job in the plant there. Things are slow here and there is more opportunity for advancement at some of the other plants so he is keeping his options open right now. The plant here in Salt Lake just went through a small round of layoffs which didnt affect him thankfully..... however, we can only hope to avoid the next round if it comes about!

The Kids: not much really here except they are growing and wonderful. I just love them so much and wish time could stop for a while. Ian is just not a little boy anymore and Evan is right on his heels. Addison....well, I could write a book on this little miss. She is the star of the family at present and loves to let us all know. She too is growing so fast and constantly reminds me that she is "a big derl now".

It is now 1:00 a.m. I better end this before I get going on something else. Thanks for listening! I'll be back soon.