Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year.......2008

Well, this is my first post for the new year. Due to the fact that I am a middle aged mother of 3 (4 depending on the time of year) there will be no wild party posts on my blog. Those days are long gone.....thankfully. We did however, have a few people over. Denver invited some of his friends from work over and we just had some good food and talked. Nothing major but it was nice to socialize with someone other than my children! That was it though.....maybe next year we will buy a few fireworks and get the kids more involved. Ive never been much of a New Year party person anyway but they would probably get a kick out of it.

So, I only have 2 resolutions this year.....well, 3 really. I will vocalize them here so that you can all shame me when I fail to accomplish them! Im kidding. Really, here they are:

1. Lose weight.......i know, sounds cliche but it truly is my major goal for the
2. Become more financially secure......i have a number of ways to do
this, I wont list them all
3. Spend more time on ME....this sounds selfish
but the results will benefit my whole family

That is my condensed version. I will start the first one tomorrow with Denver when we attend Weight Watchers together. I hope all of you enjoyed your holidays and wish you the best for 2008.

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