Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Busy, busy, busy.....

So today I am feeling the crunch of the boys and school, Denver's work and school, my work away and in the home, etc etc etc. I didnt even realize today was Wednesday! I know of course that Im not the only one with busy-ness in their lives but I swear. I just finished the 10th load of laundry in 3 days. I got behind but am feeling proud that I got it all folded. Tomorrow I will work on putting it all away.....then of course I will start over with washing it all again.....I hate laundry but I mentioned that already. Thankfully Ian's teacher has eased up on his homework this first week back. I just know the average first grader doesnt get as much homework as he does. I know it is just the nature of the program he is in but it can be a struggle for me sometimes so Im sure it is stressful for him too. Evan doesnt have as much but still has some. It will be interesting when they get a little older and the homework becomes more intense. I think Denver will definitely have to change to a day shift so he can be home at night to help out! Of course, he is in school too and I know I will be helping him eventually too.....that is if he has papers to write. Im the typist in the family. This semester he is just taking 2 classes: Art and History. Hopefully it wont be too strenuous. He really enjoys History so that should be a breeze for him. Art.....well, its not the kind of art class one would imagine. He is required to create and perform an "expressive piece" at the end of the course.....Dad, can he borrow your tutu? Im happy that he is continuing with school. I know it is a struggle sometimes but the reward will be worth it for him. I will help him as much as I can to get through it. So, lets see, graveyard shift Fri-Sat-Sun, Church, school for kids, piano on Wed (we missed it today...oops) an active 20 month old, babysitting my 4 month old nephew 3 days a week, oh and now I am taking a girl from Ian's class on Fridays after school so she doesnt have to go to the after school program! They get out at 12:30 on Friday's and her dad will pick her up at 3:20. I dont have time for much else really. I think Im going to have to start going to the gym in the early morning. So, here is an update on the kids:

IAN: Is still in the first grade although after Alec visited us he acts like he is in the 6th grade. Kids want to grow up so fast these days. He is doing well in his accelerated program but struggles the most with math....just like his mommy. He is an excellent reader as he likes to point out sometimes and has made a lot of friends. Right now he is in a stage where he claims to hate school. Although I know he secretly loves it. He has done well eating school lunch in spite of his severe peanut allergy and hasnt had any scares with that at all, thank heavens. He still participates in the Chess Club but we are holding off on tournaments this year. Maybe next. He really is so smart and if he can just keep his focus for longer than 5 minutes he is going to be successful at whatever he does.

EVAN: Is still in Kindergarten and has a love/hate relationship with school. Loves his teacher, recess, snacktime, and doing his letters. Hates getting up in the morning, math (which he doesnt really do much of, he just likes to echo Ian) and kids that are mean. His teacher says he makes friends well but I still worry because he is so shy. He has decided that he needs more trophies and wants to play basketball next. He loves loves loves animals of any kind, cuddly, slimy, creepy, doesnt matter....he loves them. He also is a very big flirt and is going to be the ladies man of the family I fear. But, that is a long time off thank heavens.

ADDISON: Is almost 21 months old. She is a such a monkey! She has the brightest, funniest personality and I cant wait to watch her grow. She loves to sing, anytime, anyplace and dancing goes right along with it. Her newest "move" is a spin in which her head spins 180 degrees first and then her body whips around to catch up with it. It is hilarious! She loves dolls and babies and has decided that her cousin Soren is HER baby. She trys to hold him and pick him up whenever she can and screams when I wont let her. She isnt talking a lot of sense just yet but can say important words like "love you", "all done", "brother" and of course....."Spongebob".

ALEC: Is home with his mom in Phoenix. He is in Jr. High and likes that fact but says he doesnt like school.... He wishes he could turn 18 so he can be in his own apartment and drive but then he doesnt want to grow any older (dont we all wish that?). He still likes video games and likes to text his friends on his cell phone. He says he wishes he had a twin so he would have someone at home to play with! Even though he has 3 brothers and 3 sisters, they are all too young to relate to him so he gets kinda can understand his dilemma. But all 6 of his siblings love him dearly....sometimes more than he can handle! He is growing up fast and will be in High School soon, but not soon enough in his opinion.

Well thats our kids update for the beginning of the year. Im hoping the next one will be that Addison is potty trained. No more diapers! Yay!

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Melanie said...

Ugh, I hate laundry, too. It is the bane of my existence.

The update on your kids was fun - they are getting so big AND so smart. I'm afraid I'll never be able to help my kids with their homework because I'll be too dumb!