Tuesday, January 8, 2008


So Ive decided I need to add a resolution to my "NYR's". One of the testimonies in church on Sunday was about Forgiving our enemies. Obviously during this tumultuous time in our country's history, forgiving our enemies is a delicate matter. How do you forgive someone for killing thousands of innocent people? Still, we are expected to forgive.... Whether you are spiritual or not, follow an organized religion or follow one of your own making, forgivness is essential for our well being and ability to function as adults. One of the quotes that I have listed in my "quotes that I love" section states that "hatred is a live coal". Perfect description because it literally simmers and burns inside of you until the fire it creates becomes completely destructive. Anyway, I have old wounds that I still work on everyday. Things that are still "simmering" deep inside of my soul. And, I have news ones too that are feeding those embers. I dont want to feel that ugliness inside of me anymore so I am resolving to resolve....is that english? You understand me Im sure. I am not going to allow adults who act like schoolyard children affect me anymore. People can be so petty and immature. Im sure I have been guilty of such offenses myself...... adults seem to get worse as they age. Wouldnt it be great if we could all be like little children and forgive almost immediately.....and then move on? I think the state of the world would be so much more peaceful. I hope if I teach my children anything at all, it is the quality of being able to forgive their enemies and be the bigger person. That when they grow up they would continue to treat people with respect no matter what.... That they dont hold grudges.... and that they always try to speak kindly and with good intentions. I'm very grateful for the faith that I hold that allows me to seek forgivness and receive it. It is with these principles that I try to follow that I am able free myself from the burdens that this world can pile on top of me. Burdens that I create. Burdens that I have no control over also. I pray everyday that I can forgive and be forgiven.......These are my thoughts for today.

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