Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ebay Rant....

Okay, so I just got home from work and Im trying to stay awake because Denver has a bball game this morning at 9am and that means it is pointless to go to bed only to wake up 2 hours fact that is nearly impossible for me once I go to sleep after working. Are you wondering why in the world I would bother going to a bball game after working all night and essentially being awake for over 24 hours? Well, Denver cant take Addison to the game and let her run nutso around the gym so if I dont go, he has to leave her here and since she will be awake, I cant sleep anyway....might as well go to the game! I'll sleep when I get home. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So, anyway, now Im online trying to keep surfing is always fun...... I figured I would rant about my recent Ebay experience since Im still boiling over it.
I dont use Ebay that often. Once in a while I will buy something random on it. For instance, I bought a text book for Denvers History class last week. I go on there to pay for it today and it says my Ebay account has been suspended for......"being linked to a previously suspended account".... WHAT?! Im sure. I have no clue what they are talking about so I go onto Ebay to see what the heck is going on. First of all if I bought something from someone who has a problem with their account, how am I supposed to know that? Second of all, what ever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? Well, according to the rules page, they are accusing me of having a previous Ebay account that was suspended and then creating my current account on the sly so I can keep using Ebay. Well, I cant wait to find out what this mystery account is since the one Im using now is the first and ONLY account I have ever used. Im so mad. If any of you know me, I like playing by the rules. Im a rules kinda gal......I dont do things that are questionable and Im so totally offended by this Ebay thing I could just scream. They are lucky they dont have a phone number I can call or someone would have gotten an earful today. So, Im an Ebay criminal now.....and I doubt I will even use them for anything again.

No news other than that....sorry for the boring post! I will think of something more interesting this weekend to write about.

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Alisha said...

You gotta love ebay...I definitely have a love/hate relationship. Hope you get things figured out!