Saturday, January 12, 2008

I love Blogger!

Can just say a personal 'thank you' to my friend Alisha who turned me onto this blogging thing last year. I mean, granted I probably spend more time than I should messing around with it but it has been so much fun. I wish that everyone would make their own. I keep trying to convince my extended families to start one.....maybe one day! I decided to start another one that is more of my own personal journal. access to this one, which would probably bore most of you anyway. But it is so cool that I can basically keep a journal without the pain of handwriting. I type everything now days so actually writing would be so tiring. Plus, I am so much faster on a keyboard. Everyone should keep a journal because one of the coolest things Ive found is reading my grandfathers account of his life. Unfortunately it is just a small history that he wrote later in life but it is so interesting to read personal accounts of his life and how he felt about things. My previous journals are so "young".....all about boys, clogging, boys, know all those important things that teenagers think mean so much! So, Ive kindof started mine out as a personal history of sorts and then when I catch up to today, it will become a journal. The cool thing about blogger is that it archives everything and I can just print the page out and put it in a book (which I will do also) if I want a hard copy.....back it up on disk too.....I love computers. Anyway, for those of you reading my blog who do not own and operate your own blog, get with it will ya?! Im kidding....but not really. It is so fun. Thanks again Alisha.

Today we went to a basketball game at the church......yes it was painful. Denver of course was the one playing....You know, even in the shape he is in, he was better than all of those guys on the court. Even the teenagers. When he gets in shape....notice I said when....he will be hard to beat. However, tensions run high in church ball. It is always scary to watch a game as it progresses and the men get more ticked off about each and every foul. Granted some guys play pretty rough considering they aren't that good....but I guess thats why they play so rough. It would be hard to keep your anger in check with some of these guys out there. Playing dirty is the name of the game with some. Denver does pretty good considering how competitive he his. But, not so much today .....:) At least he didnt start cussing or a church game ha ha ha! I did hear one guy bark the BIG no no word.......yikes! Good thing his wife wasnt there. was fun and I hope that he feels OK tomorrow. I have a feeling he wont be able to walk. Here are some pictures from the big game....which they lost by the way, and it didnt help their ego's at all.
Notice the 3 little guys watching intently and learning BY EXAMPLE from their dads....hopefully they kept it all under control! Ha!

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Alisha said...

You are a great blogger! I'm glad I got you started on blogging too because I love reading what you all are up to! In fact, you inspire me to be a better blogger!