Saturday, January 26, 2008

Frosty Shannon.....

Well, this is officially our very first snowman! I know it seems crazy we havent ever built one before but it just never happened. This year for Christmas we got a cute "snowman kit" complete with hat, nose, eyes, buttons, and mouth. So, we really had no excuse. Ian actually built this pretty much by himself. Nate helped with the bottom "ball" of snow....then that sat for nearly a week or so. Today Ian finished making the other 2 "balls" and dad helped him lift them up on top. He is very proud of "Frosty Shannon"
In other news......Denver's basketball team lost.....again. That is Ok though (well, not in the players' opinion). Uncle Nate joined us today and played GREAT! Im sure he could see that our team desperately needs him and hopefully he will play again. I have to work tonight so I will end this post on that note!

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