Monday, July 7, 2008

The Secret to Happiness....or Nintendos.

Ok, Im sure many of you have heard of 'The Secret'....if not from Oprah, then surely from the book, dvd, or various other talk shows that have spoken about it. About 9 months ago a good friend of mine gave me the book as a gift. Now, Im a spiritual person, but...sometimes I think people can go overboard and I was skeptical about this book because it sounded kinda hokey. However, after reading it, I was completely converted to its way of thinking. I worked hard for a little while on it and truly felt a difference in my life. Even my dad noticed a difference. Did I win the PowerBall, wake up to a new Mercedes, or receive mysterious checks in the mail? No. What I did was feel better....happier....more positive. For that, I loved the book. Now fast forward 9 months...Im still trying to "find the positive" side of everything, maybe not as diligently as I had been but I feel like it changed me enough that I do make a serious effort not to be negative. Well, Ive had the dvd for a while now. My brother and his wife gave it to us for Christmas. I wanted Denver to watch it of course and we finally had a chance...albeit 6 months after we received watch it together last night. We will be starting our vision boards this weekend :)

The point of this rambling is that I thought it would be great to involve the boys. They are old enough to understand the basic concept and as Oprah said, kids can make vision boards too no matter how shallow their desires are at this point. So I told them we were going to watch a movie on the "secret to happiness". They were excited. The movie starts out much like National Treasure or The Da Vinci Code... mysterious music, knights in armour burying scrolls....they were intrigued. After about 20 minutes, it became obvious that it wasnt the movie they were hoping for and they started complaining. Ian says, "so what do they mean? If I think about something enough the universe will make it appear?" I then tried to explain the concept that I wanted them to get out of it about focusing on goals and of course I explained the vision board. Ian smiled.... right before bed, he was frantically looking for a crayon with which he hurriedly drew and colored a Nintendo DS and stuck it on his dresser where he could see it. I guess he got the point.....:)

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K19 said...

So cute!!! I have to read this book- like many others, i have it, and just haven't had the time(OK - that's a lie), but I know how awesome everyone says it is, so I'd better get on it!!! I'd want the nintendo too!!!