Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nathan Addicus Ries....

So today is my brother Nates birthday. Happy Happy Birthday! Nathan is the middle child in my family and just turned 35! It's crazy how fast time flies. We were buddies when we were little....until Jeff got old enough to play with him and then I became THE GIRL! I have lots of good memories though climbing in the canal, catching horny toads, and all kinds of other 'boy stuff '.

I love living close to him and his family and of course babysitting Soren, my nephew.

Nathan is a huge music lover and a very talented artist. You should see some of the stuff he has drawn/painted. He should be doing it for a living!

Anyway....Love you Nate and hope your birthday was Fabulous!


pete/chris whipple said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN! You were such a cute little guy and now a hunk of a man!!! love you always, Aunt Chrissy

turleyfam said...

Happy Birthday Cuz! What a handsome guy you have become. Love the picture of him as a young boy, that is the Nathan I remember. Come visit us in AZ some time.