Monday, July 14, 2008

My Commitments.....

I'm back on the wagon....I think that's how the saying goes. Still working on losing weight and eating healthier. Im going to make a new commitment each week to do something healthier....this weeks commitments are:

1. No junk food ....I'm cutting out the chips,doughnuts and chocolate :(
2. Excerise at least 3 times for 30 minutes... even if its just a walk.

My Aunt and I are going to meet each week to hold each other accountable. Yikes. But it is going to be great to have someone working toward the same thing! Ive decided to post my commitments here every week....that way you can all hold me accountable too! Hopefully I will only post progress and not failure. But, I have a feeling there will be some set backs. Thats OK. As long as I continue to work hard, I know I can do it!

Wish me luck.


Alisha said...

It is always helpful to have someone else to be accountable to. I know that is when I am most successful in reaching a goal. Good luck! I love the pictures of Kailey and Kamryn....Kamryn looks so grown up!

paige said...

Hey Vanessa
good to hear from you! the wonderful world of blogging! Darling family. keep up the work just reward yourself once a week that way you don't have to completely give it up!
I will tell Brandi i ran into you in blog world!
later Paige (Willden) Winn

Wyatts said...

Hey Vanessa! I enjoy your blog! and keeping up on your family. Good-Luck with your new goals! I'll be checking in on you :)