Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun With Blackberry....

So, today I have been playing with my new Blackberry phone. So much to learn..... But, I did take a few pictures of some things that we did today, with the phone of course. Exciting stuff I tell ya. First is a picture of Ian after his allergy shot today. He wasnt thrilled about it but is being so brave and didnt even whince this time around. Took it like a trooper and then told the nurse it was really "becoming a pain in the neck....or should I say arm" The nurse found this quite funny.

The next picture we took at WalMart. This is a life sized Indian Jones made entirely out of legos. Seriously, this thing was so cool. Ian was mesmerized. Addie could care less as she was distracted by a Dora the Explorer purse and Evan, well he was with his new best buddy Zack. Zack's mom took them to see the movie Wall-E. To top Evans night off, he is having his first sleep over at Zacks house and I have a feeling we are going to hear about it for the next 2 weeks! He was very excited.

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