Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Results are In......

Ok. One week down......many more to go. My aunt came over this morning to check in on our weekly weight loss goals. I mentioned the first commitments that I made for the week here. So, how did I do? I would say on a scale of 1-10, I earned a 6. Not fabulous I know. But you can all blame my husband. I know thats what I am doing. I love him but he can sometimes sabotage my weight loss efforts when he isnt in the same zone. And after about 3 days he was not in "the zone". I know he doesnt do it on purpose because Im pretty sure he would love to have the skinnier version of me back.... but only if he is skinny too. Well, either way, I just have to work harder and ignore his subtle attempts. Ultimately it is I that makes the decision on what goes into my mouth, right? Right.

Ok so, I did pretty good the first 3 or 4 in some exercise although I didnt do 3 days as I committed to do. Cut out sugar for the most part....still room to improve though. So, for this week, My committments are remaining the same with the addition of one more:

I am going to cut my Diet Coke consumption in half

Denver laughs because he knows just how hard this one is going to be for me. This is why I am not cutting it out 100%. I just dont think I could. But, I think if I can cut it in half then eventually I could give it up. We'll see. You have to understand that when I drink a Diet Coke, it starts first thing in the morning. I crack open a can take a drink and put it back in the fridge and sip on the same can all day. Occassionally I will drink a whole can with lunch or dinner, but usually its just the one can. So, it isnt as if I drink a lot of pop.....but the habit that I am into is having that drink or two all throughout the day (if you didnt know it was about pop I would sound like an alcoholic!)

So, all in all I lost 3 pounds, which probably is only a pound and a half considering I was wearing jeans last week and wasnt wearing them this morning......but still, a loss is a loss and I am thrilled with it. Aunt Deb lost 4 pounds! Great job! She has incredible will power, you have no idea. I can only hope to be as firm as she is in her weight loss goals......that is why I joined with her :)

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Alisha said...

Good job and keep at it! A healthier lifestyle is a happier lifestyle...pretty cheesy I know! No really, keep after it!