Monday, April 28, 2008

Wow Moment....

Ok, so I was cleaning my kitchen yesterday when I realized that my oven REALLY needed to be cleaned. Inside it looked as though molten lava had exploded and then hardened in a big pool of black on the bottom of the stove. Im sitting there thinking Im going to need some kind of tool to scrape that stuff off when I notice the words "self cleaning oven" on a sticker...... I guess I kindof knew in the back of my mind that these appliances existed but I have honestly never used one to my knowledge. Of course, because we are renting this house, I dont have the manual to the oven and dont exactly know how to begin the "self cleaning" process. But, it seemed pretty straightforward. There was a button labled "self clean" so I pushed it and off it went.

I sat there and marveled at the fact that an oven could actually clean itself. I think we need more appliances like this. I HATE cleaning my fridge they make a "self cleaning" fridge? That would be awesome. Then I started thinking (dangerous) how in the world could the oven clean itself without any soap or cleaners? I mean how the heck was the oven going to get that hardened mess off the bottom of itself? Im imagining cats licking themselves or birds picking at their feathers and I just cant seem to imagine the stove doing the same thing. So I looked it up on my trusty computer ( I love my computer) and found out that the oven heats up so blazing hot as to burn the stuff off of it....much like being cremated I guess. Apparently that is why my oven locked its doors upon commencement of the "self cleaning" dim wits like myself wont open the door and burn their faces off Indian Jones and The Temple of Doom style. Yes I did try and open it and am truly thankful for the automatic door lock that my oven deployed for my safety....otherwise....well I dont want to think about that!

So, 3 hours later, it finished. I was afraid to open the door. When I did, I was jumping for joy! No more molten lava! Amazing! Although, at first I was perplexed that a few rogue french fries seem to have survived the cremation. They were sitting there intact, albeit powdery white, as if to say HA! You cant get rid of me. Im wondering what have I fed my children that can survive heat like that? Undigestable steel? Then I attempted to pick it up and the poor thing disinegrated the moment I touched it....I dont think I even actually touched it yet. Amazing I tell ya! Ive made a mental note that whenever I get to buy my own house, I will most definitely be purchasing a self cleaning oven. And hey, by the time I am able to buy a house, maybe they will be making self cleaning fridges too! Why not a self cleaning house? Self cleaning laundry? The possibilites are endless and dreamy.

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Alisha said...

So I haven't been able to check my blog for a couple of days and I am impressed by all of your writing. I am excited for Denver and you as you hopefully will get to spend some more time together. The boys look adorable in the baseball gear. And I love your deep thoughts on self-cleaning is a life/time saver at times! Enjoy the clean oven!