Monday, April 21, 2008


What a weekend! I am beginning to wish we had actually "planned" my last pregnancy so as not to have birthdays close together. For now, Addison is too young to care about having a big party... but I can see how it will cause me some serious stress in a few years trying to have 2 birthdays in the same month. Oh well.....not much I can do about it now. Of course had Addison been born when she was supposed to be, I wouldnt even be discussing it! Anyway, Saturday was Evan's birthday party. We had it at the Fairmont Aquatic Center which has a fun indoor pool/waterslide for the kids. They have a party room that comes with pizza and pop so the kids had a great time swimming and then eating and of course....opening gifts. Evan couldnt wait to open his presents! I think he was pretty happy with what he got. I let him invite 5 friends so that made 8 kids with my was a good time but very stressful too. The boys had a baseball "hit-a-thon" that morning at 10am....the party started at 12:00. By the time they finished the baseball thing it was 11:30.... I didnt think we would make it, but we did. I had to work Friday night so I was rushing around Saturday morning trying to get everything finished....and by the way, I did NOT make Evan a birthday cake this year. Thankfully I listened to my husbands advice to chill out and buy cupcakes. I of course refused at first but then conceded to making my own cupcakes. By Friday afternoon, buying them suddenly seemed like the best thing to do. I had purchased Pokemon rings online and used those to put in the cupcakes so at least there was one personal touch by mom. Happily, Evan LOVED the cupcake idea so I was off the hook. It definitely took a lot of stress off of me....those of you that know how I get with birthday cakes will understand just how much stress this relieved!

So, Sunday we had my brothers and their "wives" over for a small family dinner to honor Addison's birthday....and Evans too. I did make a cake for Addie which almost became a disaster. I got creative and cut the offending section out of the cake and turned it into a display of the "2" candle.... otherwise it would have been caved in on one side! We ate broccoli potato soup, wild rice & chicken soup, rolls/biscuits, couscous salad, Alisa's green salad with apple & fresh mozzarella, fresh fruit/dip, and of course.....birthday cake which was strawberry with cream cheese frosting...mmmmm. It was a lot of fun to have them over....sadly Jeff got sick and so he and Nicola couldnt make it. The kids loved their gifts from Uncle Nate and Aunt Alisa... in fact I dont think Evan has put his Giraffe down yet! Saturday Addie got a package from Gma/Gpa Ries which contained princess shoes/crown/jewels and a play cell phone. She has been in 7th heaven talking on that phone and clunking around in those shoes! They both recieved money from Kentucky relatives.....Evan has already spent his on games for his new Nintendo DS. We are waiting for Addie to play out her new toys before we go and get her some more.

Thanks to everyone that made these birthdays special..... I think next year we are going to space them out somehow!

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Melanie said...

Wow! Busy AND fun...and the food sounds terrific!