Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Life is Changing.....we need a Vacation!

So, I am wondering what really qualifies as a vacation? You know those emails that get sent around and you have to answer questions about yourself such as, "when you cried last" or "whats your favorite food"...... yes, well the other day I participated in one that had a question "List 4 vacations you have taken." Seems pretty straight forward right? Well, I couldnt really come up with even one! That is so sad. Granted this past weekend counted as a vacation for me.... first one really! I enjoyed it immensely. However, it was more like a mini-vacation....and considering the fact that my parents live in Las Vegas and I have been there like a thousand times, not to mention the fact that I actually lived there myself for one year, it still didnt feel like an official vacation. So, I have come to the conclusion that my family needs a real vacation. We have just purchased (with the help of angels) plane tickets to Kentucky for Memorial Day weekend......however, this cant count in my book either because we are staying with family and visiting fact the whole point of going is for a family reunion. Dont get me wrong.... I LOVE going to visit family. When we go to Las Vegas, it feels vacation-y because my parents have a pool and anytime I have left my own reality for a time no matter where we go, it feels vacation-y. Next summer though, this is going to be the year of the VACATION! I think we are going to attempt Disneyland/Sea World......

So, enough of that, we are very excited to be going to Kentucky next month. We havent been back since we moved here and I know Denver is really happy to be going. In order to save money on plane tickets we are flying out of Las Vegas to Detroit and then driving down to Kentucky with Denvers' family from Michigan. I know it sounds like a huge pain but we are saving over $200 a ticket x 6 tickets.....that is a lot of the driving will have to be. We werent sure if Alec would be coming due to an excuse of some sort having to do with football. Turns out he is going to grace us with his presence for the week in Kentucky but after that he needs to go home for football practice. What does this mean? It means that since it is not our year to have him for Christmas that we only get to see him for 1 week out of the whole year. Some people may not think this is a bad thing but I assure you it is. My kids will not understand why their big brother is not coming to see them and of course Denver does not appreciate it at all. But what can you do. He wants to play football and clearly he has his priorities in line which do not include us. I am venting here of course because there is nothing we can really do about it except exercise Denver's right to have him for the summer and insist for nothing less.....this will of course cause more grief than it is worth because who wants a moody teeanger in the house when he is being forced to be thanks. Anyway, I knew it would come to this eventually. He has a life there and doesnt want to leave it even for just a month. We all know this is not really his fault. A child can only fight brainwashing for so long before he believes everything he is told by an ill intentioned parent.

So, Im thinking this means that maybe Seattle will work out after all. Im not really going to expound on that subject as there is nothing set in stone....well its not set in anything but theory just yet. However, Alec being here for the Summer was an issue we were thinking about. Maybe this is a sign that things will work out since there are no issues now other than getting the job in the first place. Since I am on the subject of jobs, on April 25th Denver begins the "day shift" at Boeing. Why is this news? Well, for the past 10 years Denver has always worked a night shift (with the exception of Kentucky).....We rarely eat dinner together. My night routine is going to change drastically. I will now have someone to help me with the boys endless homework, baths, baseball/soccer games.....are you getting the picture? It is going to be strange at first.....but it is a great thing. Denver will be able to participate so much more in the kids' and my life. Plus it means that I can actually do things at night without dragging the kids with me... Yahoo! Due to this shift change, he is going to change schools as well. Westminster College is a liberal arts college and therefore does not offer many night classes. So, he has decided to take the summer off and start in the fall at University of Phoenix. The best part about this is that he will finish school a lot sooner than if he had stayed at Westminster. Our family is changing quite a bit this year. All for the better I am happy to report.

I was purusing other blogs today and heard a song on Adam and Cami's sight by Trace Adkins. This last paragraph is about to get sappy so for those of you not interested you ought to sign off now. Anyway, the song is called "your gonna miss this" and it is about enjoying the little moments of life. All the things you take for granted until they are gone. It is the first song playing on my playlist right now. Kids grow up so fast these days you can hardly keep up anymore. I was just talking to my friend Linda yesterday, who just had her fourth baby, and we were talking about how life moves too fast. Everyone "schedules" play dates for their kids because nobody just PLAYS anymore. What ever happened to the days when the kids just went outside after breakfast and knocked on friends doors to see if they could play? I personally refuse to participate in the "play date" game. When my kids want to play with someone, I tell them to go ahead and then they knock on doors. People are just too busy. I was kicking myself the other day during the kids' spring break. I had been asked what fun stuff we were doing for Spring Break. I allowed myself to feel bad for my kids because we werent "doing stuff"......then I realized that I cannot afford nor do I have the energy to constantly entertain my kids. Then they come to expect it and are constantly "bored". It just isnt healthy in my opinion to run run run. Kids need down time. They need to be bored so that they can appreciate the fun times more. Anyway, my point of that rant was to say that we need to take a break from our "schedules" and spend time with our families. I mean time as in conversation, a good meal, play games......RELAX. Pretty soon the kids will be in their 30's and worrying about us. And we will be thinking, why didnt I take more time to enjoy them. The song is a tear jerker for sure.....but very wise and I have enjoyed a good cry this morning while thinking about my funny kids. I just cant get enough of them really......and I dont want them to grow up.

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Alisha said...

I know that Denver's family has got to be so excited about your visit. I know it is a sacrifice to make it across country, but I know in the end it will totally worth it! Sorry to hear about your mom! Hope all goes well today. So Seattle, huh? Time does go by way too quickly and it really does take effort to try to enjoy all that life bring!