Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our Shining Star.....

Today Evan's kindergarten class along with the other 2 Kindergarten classes performed songs that they have been working on in music class. They sang 10 songs! They even sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in Japanese, Spanish, and English with Sign Language. I was very impressed! Evan has been very excited for this day for nearly 3 weeks now. It was extra special for him because Uncle Nate and Aunt Alisa and Uncle Jeff all came to watch him sing! Afterward they had refreshments for the families which was nice. It's always funny to watch the kids performing. Some are really in to it, and concentrating on every word.....others are daydreaming, dancing a jig, or just playing around with whoever or whatever they can. Evan fell into the first category. He was totally concentrating and singing loud and staring straight ahead... Deer in the headlights style! I was very proud of him. Here is a video clip of one of the songs.... American Idol watch out!

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Alisha said...

Very cute! I'm glad that schools in Utah still take singing seriously...Bayley only gets music class for 1/2 the year and then it is only once a week. Growing up I know that we had music once a day and musical performances all of the time! Good for Evan!