Thursday, April 17, 2008

Piano Recital.....

Tonight the boys both played in their first piano recital. I wasnt really sure how much I wanted them to do it considering I dont really make them practice much. Since they just started playing, I didnt feel like putting too much pressure on them. I want them to enjoy piano and not feel like it is a burden. But, they really wanted to participate in the recital so we went. It was really nice and I am always amazed at how calm the kids seem... I would have been so nervous. Actually, I was more nervous for them than they were. I was so worried about Evan especially....he has never played on such a big piano and he couldnt remember where middle C was because it wasnt marked with a smiley face sticker like it is on our piano.....but once his teacher helped him out, he did great! Here are a couple of video clips of them playing...... I am so very proud of them. (make sure you pause my music playlist at the bottom of the page so you can hear them playing....)

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