Friday, April 25, 2008

Who are you again?.....

So, today marks the first day of Denver's schedule change at Boeing. He is working the day shift! This may not seem like some kind of big deal to a lot of you but it really is. It seems like for the past 7 years we have always worked opposite shifts or something out of the ordinary in the hopes that one of us would be at home with the kids at all times. So far, it has worked. I can happily say that I havent had to give my children over to any strangers....ok with the exception of 2 months in Arizona, which, after Evan cracked his face open and had to get stitches, and the boys began crying each morning that I was leaving them there, I quickly made our schedules work so I could keep them home. It hasnt always been blissful. I can honestly say that there are times when I crave conversation that doesnt include Pokemon. Or times when if I have to change another diaper or listen to crying, whining, and fighting for one more second I seriously might crack.... But, after all is said and done, it has been the best thing for my peace of mind and for my children that we have sacrificed normalcy.

Now here we are, about to give normalcy a shot. It should prove to be very interesting. On one hand you have visions of the family eating dinner together and talking about their day. Afterward dad helps with homework and we all watch a show together and then kiss the kids goodnight and spend some quality time together before we hit the sack. On the other hand....which is probably the hand we are is going to be total chaos. At least for the first little while until Denver gets acclimated to our routine. He is excited to be able to spend more time with the kids and to actually eat dinner with us more than once or twice a week. He gets to be home for all the baseball games and that is exciting in its own right. But, I think he also has visions of sitting on the couch watching fishing shows all night......ain't gonna happen! Like I said, he is going to have to become acclimated.

I think the strangest part of all of this is going to be actually going to bed together. You see, up until tonight, he comes home around 1:00 in the morning. Obviously I am already asleep. On the weekends, I am working until 5:00 in the morning., we get to go to bed at the same time. (that is if I get all the housework done before midnight....) Weird. I think we are going to have to get to know each other a way. And it is definitely time for Addison to start sleeping in her own bed. Eventually, I think we are going to love the situation. I know Im going to enjoy the help at night! The bonus is that now, I can actually go to activities at night without getting a babysitter or lugging the kids with me. Wow. Its going to be great! Small pleasures = Big returns.

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