Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wild and Wacky Wednesday.....& Report Cards!

This week at the kids' schools they are celebrating Dr. Suess' birthday. Apparently it was this past Sunday....who knew. Today at Evans school it's Wacky Wednesday where they were supposed to dress up in wild clothes and hair. Evan was very excited this morning and jumped out of bed. He was the most excited about spiking his hair all crazy. Of course I captured the wild man on camera and here are the pic's to prove that he went to school dressed like a crazy child.....

In other news, it is report card week for the boys. Ian's report card is always fun to decipher. You get 2 different reports. The first is the "regular" school district approved report card. For his grade the highest you can receive is a 3. Unfortunately this does nothing to help the ELP students parents understand how they are doing because his class always gets straight 3's due to the fact that they are more advanced. For example: the district number for where a 1st grader should be in his/her 3rd term of school is a 3.0 (this is based on some scale called STAR...????) Anyway, Ian's score on this scale is a you see 3's are what he always gets on the district report card. The ELP program instructors got together and decided one year to make their own report card to reflect the ELP students progress as compared with other ELP students. This way we have a better understanding of how they are doing. The scale is a 1-5.... 5's are rarely given out. Usually a child would have to have an almost autistic ability in something to receive a 5. A 1 would indicate maybe they should think about putting the student back into the regular ciriculum. So, after that lengthy explanation that Im sure you all care about, Ian's grades on the ELP report card were all 3's with a 4 in Science. Very good grades! In the behavior section he did well except he got a needs improvement in listening....being too social....and finishing his work on time. Gee sounds like how he acts at home! It's always such a relief to find out that he is doing well in the program. I always worry and wonder how he compares to other students. Right now I feel like he is in the middle to high end of the that is great! Evan gets his report card tomorrow so I will give the results then. But I know he is going to do just great.

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Alisha said...

I love Evan's wacky outfit and hair. He is such a cute boy. It is so nice that you have the ELP program where you live. There are a lot of states, like Alabama, where they don't even test for the gifted program until 3rd grade. What a great opportunity for Ian.