Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Biscuit Heaven.......

This Post actually belongs on a food blog but since I dont have a food blog and I dont want to forget my recipe, Im posting it here.....sorry
I think I may have found the perfect biscuit recipe. First let me explain. My husband and I have been on a quest to find the perfect biscuit recipe. The problem has been that he prefers a chewy biscuit whereas I prefer a fluffy biscuit. He is from the South and likes gravy on his biscuits (blech!) I am from the west and prefer honey or jam......you can see how this has caused some issues. I do, however, want to provide him with enjoyable biscuits once in a while and so therefore, I have attempeted about 5 or 6 recipes since we have been married and none have been worth talking about let alone eating.

One night a week or so ago, I looked up some recipes online because I was going to attempt a new recipe in the morning. Weirdly enough, Denver was at work doing the same thing and neither one of us had mentioned it to the other. I guess that is what 10 years of marriage starts doing to you......the next morning we both tried our recipes and felt the same about each one......not great. Not bad, but not great. So he called his mom and got her take on his grandmothers recipe which he then made......he liked them but I didnt. Way too chewy and dry. Today I was thinking about it again and went online one more time to try and find the answer. What I found out was interesting.

1) Biscuits should not be made with anything LESS than a ratio of 1/2 cup fat to 2 cups flour. That ratio can be increased but never decreased.

2) Shortening causes a more tender biscuit but butter gives it more flavor. Whether you use shortening or butter it should be very very cold.

3) Using cake flour instead of all purpose will make the biscuit light and airy instead of dense.

4) How thick you roll it out matters! I used to roll my dough too thin and could never figure out how to get big fluffy biscuits. Most good recipes only yeild 6-8 biscuits because you dont roll it out too thin

5) If you want the sides of your biscuits soft, you must place the biscuits on the pan so that they are touching each other. A round pan is the best type of pan for biscuit making.

So with this information, I made the biscuits. I must say that although they are not as good as my favorite biscuits.....from Sweet Tomatoes......this is the perfect combination of fluffy and chewy. It satisfied both Denver and myself and so for now, this is going to be our biscuit recipe of choice! I think they will be even better when I actually purchase the proper tools, such as a pastry cutter and a biscuit cutter ( I used one of my kids' plastic cups) and I know you are all so excited about this information so Im going to please you even more by posting my recipe creation! Happy Biscuit Making!

2 c Flour ( I used self rising so I didnt have to add leavening ingredients)
1 Tbs Sugar
1/2 c Butter or shortening - very cold
1 c Buttermilk (you might need a little more but dont make it too runny or soft)

Mix dry ingreds. Cut in butter or shortening until mix becomes "mealy". Make a well in center and pour in buttermilk. Fold together with hands. Place on counter and fold over itself 2 or 3 times. Roll out to desired thickness and cut into circles. Place on ungreased baking sheet and bake for 10-14 min at 400 deg. (Im guessing on the time. I just watched them and when they turned a little brown on top, I took them out) **** if you dont have self rising flour, make sure you add some salt and baking powder. Dont ask me how much because I wouldnt have a clue***

***and yes Mom, the picture above is a picture of my actual biscuits! Arent they pretty!***


Melanie said...

Wow - I'm totally impressed! The picture is phenomenal!

Alisha said...

Thanks for sharing! I love finding out what works for other people! We will have to give it a try. The picture of the biscuits could be in a magazine!