Saturday, March 1, 2008

Random Things....

Evan claims he is the future President Lincoln.....mmmmm? I explained that Lincoln was the Presidents actual name and so Evan would have to be the future 'President Shannon' instead. He said Ok, but that he would still be LIKE President Lincoln, just with a different name. Ok then!

I asked Addison does she want to be President and this was her reaction....which is her reaction everytime I ask her a question with the camera in my hand.....goof ball
Here are my cute Nieces.....Kailey is almost 9 and loves cheerleading & High School Musical, of course. Kamryn is almost 4 and looks just like Addison or I guess it is more correct to say that Addison looks like her! Can you believe the resemblence? By the way, she is obviously being groomed by big sis to become a cheerleader too although I'd be willing to bet that when she gets older she is going to do her OWN thing. We miss you guys.....stop growing up will ya!

It is rainy and yucky outside with the news reports saying that it will turn to snow tonight. Great. Just what I wanted to hear....... I wish Spring would hurry up and get here already!

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Alisha said...

Thanks for posting all of the great pictures...not that I don't like seeing pictures of your kids, but it was fun to see pictures of Kailey and Kamryn. They looks so grown up. You've got to talk Stacy into starting her own blog.