Saturday, March 8, 2008

Breathe In, Breathe out......

Do you ever have weeks where you just want to disappear for a few days and then re-appear and have everything worked out and put together? Well, that is me today. My head is swimming with to do lists, finances, kid stuff, you name it....its probably in there somewhere. I dont even want to start because then I will undoubtedly remember something else to take up that sliver of space that is left in my brain. AH!

We are having a guest(s) next week. Denvers cousin and her friend are coming into town for a wedding and are staying with us. Im trying to get the house ready for that. My parents are coming next week also plus it is Denvers birthday. Easter is the following week, our 10th anniversary is the same week as Easter, Im going to Vegas 2 weeks after that and then shoved somewhere either before Vegas or after Vegas is Evan and Addisons birthday. Baseball is starting for the boys the first week in April also and I cant even remember piano lessons half the time. I just realized that we missed Ian's lesson this week....AH! Of course each one of these items of business costs money so there is that to consider on top of everyday living. Calgon take me away! So, after I woke up from sleeping today (I worked last night) I took a shower and got the kids ready and just left the house for a while. Did a little shopping and got the boys hair cut. They desperately needed one! And of course we had to take pictures. They are funny about their hair. Ian has to have his hair smoothed over....not messy at all. Evan however loves his spiked up. Like black and white they are. (that sounded like a Yoda' ism)
Now I am home and still dreading the business at hand. The good news though is that it was 55 degrees today! Yay for Spring. I cant wait.

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Alisha said...

What handsome's a good sign that they do care what they look like! If only all boys felt that same way. Sounds like a busy couple of weeks! Enjoy!