Sunday, March 30, 2008

For the Love of Oreo's......

Who doesnt love Oreo cookies? Ok, I admit it, I dont. Well that isnt to say that I wouldn't eat a whole package of them if I knew they wouldnt show up on my rear the next day...... I just dont LOVE them. The Double Stuff are the best. In fact, they should stop production on the regular ones all together. The extra frosting makes them much better.....I also like the new "Golden Oreo's"..... a vanilla cookie instead of chocolate. A few years back, I was working for Discover Card. I worked with a girl who was obssesed with cooking. She brought some pretty tasty stuff to our Pot Luck day she brought Homemade Oreo Cookies! Wow. Really, they should be banned from human consumption based on the calorie count alone. but Wow. After eating 10 of them, I was able to get the recipe from her and they have become a family favorite. I made them yesterday to bring to church today for Aisha....she is the Japanese girl in my primary class. Her birthday is coming up. I am proud to say that between yesterday, when I made them, and today....I only ate 4. Believe me this is nothing short of a miracle. I really could have eaten every last one.


Melanie said...

Delish - do you share the recipe or is it top secret??

Alisha said... when you going to share the recipe?