Monday, February 18, 2008

Wow, I actually got off early last night! It was very slow at the post office and so the let me off work about 3 hours earlier than usual. Why is this such a big deal? More sleep! I actually thought today was Tuesday when I woke up.... The kids are off of school today due to it being Presidents day. We always love not having to get up and get the kids to school. Denver and I didnt end up going on our Valentines Date. Big Surprise. Really it was just because our babysitters fell through but we got a promise from my brother Jeff to do it this coming weekend, which actually works out better because a movie we really wanted to see starts on Friday.

Anyway, not much to report really. It was a slow weekend.......Denver played basketball on Saturday and they definitely "worked it out" (who can name the show that saying comes from?) I think all the scoring came from Denver and my brother Nate. They were really on their game. It is a shame that next week is their last game. It feels like they are just getting it together. Thats the bad thing about church ball (well, one of the bad things) These old dudes finally get to feeling good and playing well on or about the last game of the short season. They ought to start playing a "PRE Season" first with about 6 games and then start the Actual season. I think the games would be much more enjoyable after these guys worked out all of their kinks and joint problems! Oh well, it has been fun and Denver and Nathan are going to try and find a Saturday league that they can keep playing in. We are getting ready to sign the boys up for baseball and soccer. Baseball in the Spring, Soccer in the fall. This year will be a little different as we are putting them in REAL leagues. Before now, they have played in the city Rec leagues which are great, dont get me wrong. However, they dont really teach these kids HOW to play the games. They just get a parent coach to kinda push them a long but they dont have practices or training. Up until now it has been OK but I noticed in the last soccer league (last fall) that it was so boring. The kids just ran up and down in a gaggle. I feel like the boys are old enough to really start learning about the game.....and maybe a little about competition too. Im always baffled that my kids are so Un-competitive considering that their parents are both Ultra competitive. Its good that they arent though. Anyway, these leagues cost a bit more but they feel more Official and I am excited for this stage in childhood sports! Im still trying to find something for Addie but I think Im going to wait until the fall to start her in anything. There arent a lot of options for 2 year olds just yet. I try to dance with her when I can and she really has a grasp of movement and rhythm. I love to watch her dance to different speeds of music. She has a way of moving slowly and swirling her hands to mellow music and then when fast, upbeat music comes on, she completely changes her way of dancing. It is great to see that so young. I think she will be a great dancer.......if she chooses to be.

Well, Im off to clean out the van (yuck) and hopefully go to the gym. Ciao for now.
(oh by the way, the picture of the random girls above is actually our babysitter Courtney and her little sister. Courtney was in my primary class at church until she turned 12. Her little sister Sarah is the same age as Addison and they are in Nursery together. Their dad plays bball with Denver, hence the picture of her at the game.....not that any of you actually care about all of that....sorry)

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Alisha said...

Churchball...we miss living in an area where they have a sports program. You'll have to let us know how much a difference you see between the city leagues and the "organized" teams.