Friday, February 15, 2008

Frustration, Speeches, and other Misc News.......

I think I have been called a few choice titles this week.....but the only ones that actually MATTER to me are, Mom, Honey, and "My Wife". The rest are just names that insecurity creates. Some of you have asked me about Alec's blog and why it has been removed from my list. As you know, I am the one that created the blog for him. You also know that it was made for the express purpose of sharing our lives with Alec as well as for our Kentucky family to do the same. Considering that we all live so far away from Alec we decided it was important for him to at least see us in some respect more than once a year. So I thought the blog was a brilliant idea. Apparently not. Unfortunately, we still have to deal with his mom's bitterness toward Denver and I as well as her continued efforts to keep us out of his life in any way except what the court laid out in visitation. We always thought that eventually she would re-marry and be happy enough in her own life that she would quit interferring and actually interact with us in a way that was conducive to allowing Alec to love 2 families. That is never going to be the case. So, after a week of arguing about the blog, we deleted it. It wasnt worth the struggle and it was becoming something painful for Alec and I never wanted to be a part of that. Obviously we all Love Alec very much and will continue to try and be a part of his life as much as we can. The rest we leave in God's hands and hope that as Alec matures, he will see everything more clearly. Most importantly, he will realize just how much his dad loves him and that he does the best that he can to be involved in his life.

Anyway, on a more positive note, it is warming up......slowly. This weekend we will hit the mid 40's again. I know, it still sounds pretty chilly. But, it feels like Spring when you are used to 20 degree weather. Brrrrrrrr. Ian gave his speech today on The Gulf of Carpentaria. He did a fine job. Actually I think it was his best speech yet. I involved him more in the creation process this time so he was really comfortable with the information. He really made an effort to look up and not just read the paper too. He paused for laughs in a couple of spots and answered questions about the speech afterward like a pro. Very proud of him..... We are getting ready to sign the boys up for baseball. Evan wants to take Karate and Skateboarding too though...he is starting to show a little more independence from Ian this year which is great. Its hard being the middle child and being so close in age to your big brother. But, he is doing great and Im convinced now more than ever that we made the right choice in sending him to our neighborhood school instead of Ian's school. It is a pain in the rear sometimes getting them to 2 different schools in the morning but I think it gives him a sense of having something that Ian doesnt and that makes him feel pretty big. He is reading! This is very exciting because he didnt show a strong ability even just a month ago and then all of a sudden, he reads a book to me! Im so happy about this and feel much more comfortable with his kindergarten experience.

Well, no other news today. Hope you all enjoyed your Valentines Day. Denver and I will hopefully be going to lunch and movie tomorrow (pending the ability to snag a babysitter) so I will give my reviews on that next week. I have to work tonight.... so I'd better get moving on the house now or it will stay messy all week. Arent these pictures of the boys so cute. I tell them all the time how they used to be the best of buddies and were always hugging on each other. Now, it seems Im always breaking up fights. Gotta love boys.



Melanie said...

Oh Vanessa, I'm so sorry about the fiasco with Alec's blog...hopefully time will make things clear to Alec. He has to know you guys love him.

And the pictures are REALLY cute. Boys are the best - especially when they get along as brothers.

Alisha said...

Sorry to hear that Alec's blog is no more...I enjoyed seeing the Kentucky updates. People can sure act crazy when there is jealousy involved. Love the picture of the two boys! I think their differences is what will keep them close as brothers.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about the conflicts between the two families. Alec will come to realize the situation for what it is. He knows how much the Shannon family loves him and is there for him. I am guessing that he is 13 and more that capable to decide who he wants to live and be with. If his mother is a christian, this sure isn't the christian thing to be doing. Just try to be there for Alec as much as possible. I will pray for the situation to becom better. Love you guys.

Your Friend from KY
Trena Crum-Ho'telling