Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Its Futile to Try and Resist......

This is the phrase that repeats itself in my head whenever I am in the store and I am having a stare down with a bag of these sinfully yummy candies. It really is pointless for me to even bother walking away because I know I will come back and buy them anyway. These devilish little eggs beckon to me as soon as I see the Easter displays start appearing......gulp. So far Ive managed to stay away from the large bags but then, does it really matter that Im not over-indulging myself with the large bags if I continually buy the small ones and inhale them, only to turn around and buy another? I feel like a chain smoker only replace the cigs with Cadbury Mini Eggs. I hope Easter comes and goes quickly and I will continue being grateful that these candies arent a year round problem.... My mom can attest to their addictive qualities as she scrambles every year to buy some only to find out that they are sold out and unable to be found. Remember when I was in the hospital mom and you tried to find some for me? How many stores did you go to before you finally gave up. I think I will just chain myself to the kitchen table until Easter is over......or the stores sell out, whichever comes first.

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