Sunday, February 3, 2008


Nothing really exciting to report. Ian gave a talk today in church but by now that is probably old news to most of my readers. He LOVES to get picked to give the talk and he always does such a great job. There was a specific theme for today's talk but Ian decided he wanted to talk about President Hinkley and so his talk was about Prophets.....he is very tender hearted and cried during his talk when he spoke of President Hinkley's passing. I fear he takes after me in that department ...I was doing the best I could to hold back the sobbing. As I get older, I am not just tearing up as I used to, it's full on crying.....sobbing and all. So embarrassing. It doesnt even have to be my child that is speaking to provoke it either. Ah well....what can you do right? Anyway, Ian is such a good reader that I dont worry too much about big words when I help him with his talk. It is always impressive to listen to him speak....I hope that he continues to enjoy it. He will soon start giving his school speeches. This year they are studying Austrailia and his first speech is going to be on the Gulf of Carpentaria. The following speech will be about an Austrailian animal. He hasnt chosen the animal yet. Also, we went to his friends baptism yesterday. This was exciting for him as the realization that his turn is coming up settled in. I cant believe he is going to be 8 this year. It just doesnt seem like 8 years have passed since he came into the world so "roughly".....bull in a china shop right from the womb is what I like to say. Time flies by so quickly and I am saddened by it but excited for the fun things to come too.

Evan is in full birthday mode right now. He is realizing that his birthday is only a couple of months away so every other conversation we have is about possible birthday themes, cakes, presents.....etc. He is very excited to turn 6 but then asks "do I turn 8 after that?" He is anxious to catch up to Ian. It is funny to listen to him because I think he honestly believes that eventually he will physically catch up.....he doesnt understand that Ian ages every year too. I guess that is the plight of the 2nd born.....Its funny because Im finding that I let him do certain things sooner than I had allowed Ian and then I realize Im doing the same thing my parents did. My number one complaint (OK maybe not #1) as a teenager was that Nathan and Jeff got away with murder and I never got to do anything. It is amazing what parenthood teaches you about your own parents and how it helps you to come to understand them so much more. Anyway, it looks like a Jungle party for Evan this year....or some kind of animal party as he is truly a HUGE animal lover.

We bought little Dora the Explorer panties for Addison yesterday. I put one on her for fun because she was very excited to have them.....she peed in them before I could even change her. I think we have a long way to go on the potty training. We also bought a potty seat that fits on your toilet along with a step stool so she can climb up on it. She is still a little nervous about sitting on it completely but we are working on it. This is the first attempt we are making at potty training her. Im not going to push it because I think she will do it when she is ready but we are slowly moving toward it.

Well, I am tired and hungry. Im working my graveyard shift this weekend and I never seem to accomplish anything during those 3 days. It really wreaks havoc on a persons' body to work those hours. Thankfully I only have to do it 3 days......but in the meantime, I better go feed myself and get ready for one more night of work. Sorry no pictures this time except this picture I took of the kids with Olivia....she is a child in Ian's school class that I watch on Fridays for a few hours so that she doesnt have to go to the after school program. I could talk for an hour about the horrors of the after school program at their school but I will save you from the boredom. Anyway, we made Chinese lanterns and this is a picture of them with theirs. Also a picture of my cheezy little girl and of my sweet nephew Soren.

Have a Great Week.

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Alisha said...

I would like to put in a request...could you explain to those of your readers, what exactly you do for a living? What do you do on your graveyard shift? Sounds like a great setup.