Monday, February 11, 2008

So, I havent updated for a few days, sorry about that. My weekends are usually not very lively due to working the hours I work. So, a combination of fatigue, boredom, and nothing exciting to report made for a "no blog update" weekend. And frankly there is still nothing exciting to report. It was Stake Conference Sunday so we opted to stay home from church ( and I got some much needed sleep) Saturday we went to eat at Sweet Tomatoes....healthy stuff. The kids LOVE that place and I dont feel bad eating there because even though they have a few "treats", most of the stuff is pretty decent for you. We had a weigh in today at Weight Watchers....I only lost 1 pound this week which was upsetting. Mainly because Denver lost 3.8 pounds and I find that disgustingly unfair (was that even a word?) Oh well, better to have lost 1 than gained 1 right?

Im so excited over something so lame....well it probably wont be lame to other moms out there. But, anyway, we were sortof window shopping at Old Navy Saturday and right now they are having a 40% off sale on all kids and baby clothes. Great deals on all their spring and summer stuff, which my kids desperately need new everything of this year. Anyway, we cant really get anything until Denvers next payday which is 2 weeks away....naturally I assumed the sale would be over by then but I asked anyway.....Im sure you have guessed by now that the sale runs through the 21st.....Denvers' payday! Woo Hoo! I know, pretty sad that this is the kind of thing that revs me up but what can you do? So, that was pretty much our weekend....I hope I have much more to report during the week. Until then.....Happy Monday!

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Alisha said...

Sure wish we had a sweet tomatoes nearby...remember it is much easier for guys to lose weight than us just isn't fair! Congrats on 1 pound...sounds like you are doing great!