Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Misc babble.....

Still not loving this new design but it is staying for now. I need to find some new material. I dont like what I have left. So, not much to report today. Ive lost 11 pounds this month which I am pretty excited about. Just 70 more to go! Wow...I shouldnt remind myself of that fact since it deflates the current mood about my weight loss so far. Either way though, its progress right?

I found some picture cd's from when we lived in Arizona and I didnt have a digital camera at the time (I cant imagine what I did without it!) These pictures are so cute. Obviously i cant post them all but here are a couple of my fave's.... The rest of them I will add to my slide show that plays on the side.....if you are really bored you can sit and watch it and look for new pictures! know I hate em! But, I am curious what most of my readers think so I have added a poll to the bottom of my side panel. It's anonymous so you wont have to worry about people knowing who you are voting for. I would just like to see what the majority is....for fun. So, take a second to vote.

It snowed again today! I swear Spring is never coming. Granted it is only February but still! I saw a funny post on another blog the other day that said "It snowed in Iraq for the first time in 20 much for Global Warming!" Considering the amount of snow we have gotten this winter I would have to say that comment is definitely funny. Not to downplay the damage that we are most definitely doing to the environment, I just thought it was funny.
Well Ive got to go pick up my son from the bus stop......Ciao for now.



I love your new design!! I think it is great. Don't worry about the snow it will go away some day and at least we don't have the inversion. Those old pics of your kids are great!!

Alisha said...

congrats on the 11 pounds! That is awesome. I know that you will reach your goal! Love the pictures of the boys...I think I will have to dedicate a post to old photos of my kids...I love seeing how much they have grown as well as reminiscing about how cute they were as babies!