Saturday, June 12, 2010

Evans Big Day....

Evan has been waiting so patiently for his Baptism day. He turned 8 back in April and it just seemed like one thing after another came up and pushed his day back further and further. Well, today was the day!! He was so excited about it that he told his Taekwondo instructor last night that he was getting baptized the next day.... He also lost a tooth last night and got his new video game in the mail yesterday. I think Evan feels like he hit the lottery this week!! I wont go into detail about the stress that we went through yesterday trying to find Evan a suit. Let's just say that trying to find a 2 piece suit for church in the summer is probably as difficult as finding a swimsuit in the winter.

I got up early this morning with a great plan in place to get myself and all 3 kids ready and out the door on time. Along with a list of things to bring like the camera, extra underwear etc... and still have time to swing by and pick up my sweet Grandma. Well, I didn't anticipate not being able to find the shirt I wanted to wear nor the ensuing hour of trying to find something else to wear. I did not anticipate Addison throwing up this morning or Ian's shirt being dirty. And finally...I didn't anticipate not being able to find my camera. All things considered being 20 minutes late and making a grand entrance with Addie screaming wasn't too bad I guess!

Ian gave one of the talks on the program. He did a great job although he says he is embarrassed because he started to tear up at the end. He takes after his mother in that area unfortunately. Speaking of which, I gave the closing prayer and had steeled myself to do it without crying. I got through about 4 words before I lost it. Later we went to Chili's for lunch and my brother admitted to making bets that I would break down during the prayer. Nice. I guess he should have put money on it!! It turned out to be a wonderful morning boys are so handsome and growing up way too fast. Thankfully I have 4 years before Addison gets baptized.... (thanks to Nate for taking these pic's on his phone. They are the only ones we got!)

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pete/chris whipple said...

Now I shed a tear as well.... so sweet and that you all were on the program, even better! Congrats to a very handsome the suits your boys wear!Say a prayer for my surgery tomorrow (full knee)
thanks :)