Friday, June 25, 2010

3rd Annual Girls Trip......

Each year me and a couple of my good friends from when I was in the Air Force get together somewhere for a girls trip. This year we were going to go to Mexico. Unfortunately the friend that was going to be driving us across the border totaled her car (not her fault) and could not drive a rental vehicle over the border so we changed our trip last minute to Palm Springs, California. It was probably for the best since there is so much trouble going on at the border..... Anyway, I flew into Los Angeles and waited for Kellie who was flying in from Denver, Colorado. Kris was then going to pick us both up. Sadly, when I got to baggage claim I quickly realized that my bag was no where to be found. The only bag left on the carousel looked just like mine though so I thought perhaps someone had taken mine by mistake and crossed my fingers that they would return it. I waited for the next flight from Salt Lake to come in just in case my bag got put on that plane but still no luck. Eventually a little old lady called and she had taken my bag instead of hers. She lives in Pasadena (insert song: Little old lady from Pasadenaaaaa) and so we opted to drive her bag to her and pick mine up. Southwest airlines gave me a $75 voucher for my trouble....this came in handy a few days later. I was supposed to fly standby home on Jet Blue through a friend of mine that works for the airline. I thought it was a great idea and would save me money. Unfortunately there were only 2 flights going to Salt Lake and if I didnt happen to get on the p.m. flight I would have had to spend the night in the airport! The standby list was already 38 people long and there were only 9 empty seats on that flight. I quickly looked up flights on Southwest and with my voucher that they had given me I only had to pay $20 for my flight home and it was guaranteed! I think that lady took my bags for a reason...someone was watching out for me!~

So we drove to Palm Springs and checked into our fabulous digs....2 bedrooms, full kitchen, balcony with a grill. We grocery shopped and cooked most of our food, laid by the pool in the very HOT sun (my favorite part). We even tried to go dancing one night but apparently flip flops are inappropriate footwear for the "fancy" club in the local casino....hmpf!! That's Ok...we had plenty of our own dancing in our condo. It was such a fun time and Im already looking forward to our next trip :)

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