Friday, June 25, 2010

Evan, Our Little Trooper....

Well, I guess Little isnt really the best word to describe our BIG 8 year old...but what a trooper he has been. 2 days after I got home from my "girls trip", Evan had surgery. He had his tonsils removed, his adenoids removed, a cauterizing of one side of his nose, AND if that werent enough, they removed/reduced his turbinates (I have no clue what these are exactly except that they have something to do with the septum and that his were too big and blocking his airway.) He has a deviated septum also but that wont get repaired until he is 16. So, anyway....he was so brave even though we could tell he was quite nervous.

He is such a sweet boy and I hated seeing him walk away with the anesthesiologist but, this surgery will really help him in so many ways so I just kept telling myself that. He had very supportive siblings who wanted to be part of the whole deal, except the actual surgery of course.

Evan takes after his Grandma Ries apparently because they couldnt get him to wake up and stay awake after the surgery. He looks awake here but trust me...he wasn't!

We did finally get him to wake up though and took him home.
Notice the glazed and happy expression.....I do not like my kids being in this state of mind!

Everything was great until about midnight that same night....that's when it was hard to be a mother and not know what to do to help my baby :( He was in a lot of pain and the swelling had started so he thought he was choking. He cried and cried and cried. Thank goodness for liquid Lortab!! We have been sleeping on the couches so he can stay propped up and once again the other 2 children, feeling left out, insisted on being included. We made Ian and Addison up some beds on the floor and it was a regular slumber party! Its been fun but not for Evan he whimpered that he wished he hadnt had to have it done because he cant eat anything. The ice cream and popcicles arent cutting it anymore I guess! He is doing great though and each day the pain is getting less and a week the old Evan will be back and breathing a lot better!!

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