Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Fun....

So today was such an incredible day for weather we just couldnt resist getting out in it! I was supposed to be organizing closets but Spring Fever hit and out the door we went. We decided to celebrate Addies birthday a little bit and take the kids to the movies.

She got to pick the movie of course and so we went to see "Alice in Wonderland". Im not sure it was exactly what Addie had hoped for but she did pretty good sitting through it. We saw it at the Gateway Mall which is an outdoor shopping mall. We got there early and decided to walk around a bit before going inside the theater.

Addie has been bugging me for earrings for some time now and although I had decided we would wait until she was 8 to do it, I couldnt resist it today.

We stopped at Claires Boutique and the nice girls there pierced Addison's ears with cute little crystal flower earrings! After Addie stopped crying, she was so excited about it. She looks in the mirror every chance she gets....although that is nothing new.

I just loved it....I am so happy that I had a girl. Denver got a kick out of it and I told him pedicures are next! I dont have sisters so I guess as Addison gets older, she and I are just going to have to have a lot of fun together.

The boys felt a little left out so we bought them some sunglasses and snapped some pictures.

So then it was back for the movie. It was a lot of fun to get out and just spend some time together. We have all been under so much stress lately..... it felt really good. Im so happy that Spring is finally here.


pete/chris whipple said...

We were just at that mall last weekend and froze! Must have turned Spring after we left! What fun times with your family.

Alisha said...

Addie looks so grown up! Good times!