Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well, Easter came and went uneventfully this year. Not that I'm complaining....last year we ended up watching my dad nearly die of a heart attack on Easter Sunday. I'd LOVE not to have to repeat that again! The Easter bunny came....of spite of my 9 year old throwing the "is he real" questions at me this year. I dread that time when they stop believing....its like the end of an era. Childhood on its way out. But, it looks as though I have postponed that for at least a little longer.... I have no doubt that this was Ian's last official Easter with an Easter Bunny.

We colored eggs....of course. Ian is missing however because one of his friends who does not celebrate Easter invited him to go swimming and I didn't see a reason not to let him go. He was fine to miss the coloring.

We did however hide the eggs outside later on and he participated in finding them! All in all it was a nice relaxing holiday with Pork Chops for dinner and no Easter pictures! I really had planned on it but....oops! Hope you all enjoyed your Easter.

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pete/chris whipple said...

Darling kids! Darling pictures of Easter.