Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Fun....

We had a great time on Saturday celebrating Evan & Addisons birthday. Of course I think this will officially be the last year we are able to have a 'joint' party for the two of them now that Addie is very aware of what it means to have a Birthday. She kept insisting that this was HER party and not Evan's. I went ahead and made them both a cake...they turned out alright and the kids loved them. Thats really all that matters right?

We kept it simple this year and just got a pavilion at Sugarhouse Park so we could eat and let the kids play. We brought Croissants with sandwich fixings and invited Nathan, Alisa & Soren and Jeff & Nicola to join us.

They each brought some fruit and was a perfect light lunch and the weather was unbelievable!

It felt so good to sit in the grass and watch the boys play soccer. We even got Jeff to treat us to a standing backflip.... Im so upset I didnt get a picture of it! Or any pictures of Jeff for that did that happen?! Nicola took the kids and walked through the river and Soren really got into the spirit and just sat right down in the river!

It was such a fun time and we thank everyone for coming and sharing the day with us. Addison adores every one of her gifts

Later that afternoon we took Evan to the store to purchase his new Nintendo thanks to all the monetary contributions he received. So thank you thank you! I hope this weather feels so good to walk outside and not be cold! Yay for Spring.....

Here is a picture of Uncle Nate and Aunt Alisa...they are due in July with my 2nd nephew :) They are going to name him Jude...we are excited to meet him.


Alisha said...

I love when the weather works out for a party! Sounds like a great day!

pete/chris whipple said...

Food, family and fun thats what you all had!!! LOVE birthdays! Happy day to Evan and Addie!