Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Adventures.....

We have had another busy weekend in spite of the continuing rain. I cant remember a time when we've had this much rain. The storms have been spectacular too....lightening, thunder, and massive downpours. Cool, but starting to get old.
Thurday night was a movie home. We went to Blockbuster and rented some DVD's and stocked up on treats. We popped popcorn in the air popper and watched the movie Bedtime Stories. It was a cute family flick and everyone enjoyed it. We also rented Marley and Me which we are going to watch tomorrow.
Friday night we attended a BBQ put on by our churches Elders Quorum. It was fun to hang out and let the kids play....and it didnt even rain during the event which was a shock! Saturday morning I got up to weigh and go to my daily workout with my trainer. Our scale has been on the fritz lately and we havent been able to get a consistent reading so I had purchased a new one on Thursday. I waited until Saturday to weigh though....happy day, I lost another 5 pounds! This made going to my workout much easier that is for sure. I hope this success continues so that I can make it to my goal weight by April of next year! So far I have lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks..

After I got home we went swimming with the kids....nothing like deflating the recent weight loss excitement by putting on a swimsuit. LOL! The place we went was an indoor pool with a waterslide. The walls are all pexiglass so you can see outside and what a storm we were having while swimming! It was crazy. Both me and Denver got brave and went down the waterslide which in spite of its timid appearance was actually very FAST! It was so much fun.... We were hoping to go to a brand new water park that just opened however, because of all the storms I didnt feel like wasting the $50 it would end up costing and then get rained out. This would have to do for now.....

Once home from the swimming we got all dressed up to attend a tour of the newest LDS Temple which is in West Jordan. Its called the Oquirrh Hills Temple and it was beautiful. It was especially exciting for the kids to go inside an actual temple. Ian thought that we were going to be getting sealed that very night....he was a little disappointed to say the least but understood that we will be doing that in the 'not too far' future.

Evan blurted out at the baptismal font that when he turns 8 he wants to get baptized right there in that temple! And then Addison piped in during the video presentation that she thought the temple looked like Grandpa's house....! All in all it was a fairly entertaining couple of hours.

Afterward we drove up to the Draper Temple which was only dedicated a few months ago. It was dark by this time and another storm was coming in so the sky was looking quite surreal. This is the picture I took and I promise I did not photo shop the sky!! So pretty!

We have made reservations at a hotel in Twin Falls, Idaho for this coming weekend. We are going to go fishing....and then stay the night and explore the Snake River area. Everyone is pretty excited as we rarely ever take any kind of vacation involving hotels. I love using! You can use their "name your own price" feature and basically tell them what you are willing to pay and then they will possibly approve it. If they cant accept your price, they will tell you the cheapest they can offer it and give you the chance to take it. We got our room at a 3 star hotel (The Red Lion) for $55.....not too shabby! We have saved a lot of money on airfare too! Its always worth trying. Here are a couple of extra pictures I took on my phone...not great quality but still fun.


Alisha said...

Doesn't sound like you all have let the bad weather slow you down one bit. The temple looks beautiful...what a neat experience for you family!

Our Family said...

Seriously the best looking family! What a gorgeous Temple!

pete/chris whipple said...

What beautiful family pictures! So neat you got to tour the O. Temple! Your family looked like you all had so much fun there and in Id! We have been camping for a week with friends who are from the very area you all were fishing! will update my blog soon.. am at LL's house on our way HOME!