Friday, June 5, 2009

Not Quite The End....and an Update....

Well, embarassingly I found out that today was not Evan's last day of school. I called his school to find out why no report cards were not sent home and was told that they would be sent home on the last day of school......Tuesday. Oops. Good thing I called the school I guess.....Evan doesnt agree with me on that. Ian is done though. He brought home his report card today and did fantastic, of course. I was thrilled to see his most recent national reading test. He is reading at a level 5.8 which translates to a fifth grader in his eighth month of school....basically he reads at a 6th grade level. Pretty good for a 2nd grader! The test also states that compared to the rest of the country, he scored higher than 98% of all 2nd graders tested. Way to go Ian! Im very very proud of him. I took this picture this morning on our way off to school thinking it would make a great "last day of school" picture... Oh well, close enough

So, what have we done this week? Well, poor Alec hasn't done much. With the boys at school all day and me home with Addison and Soren, he got a glimpse into our boring day to day life. He did finally venture out and walked down to a strip mall for lunch and to look around some stores. We took the kids out for dinner a couple of nights ago...nothing special, just BK and I took this pic of the boys.
Afterward we hung out in the backyard and watched them play basketball.... The nights have been so nice at 77 degrees.....too bad it cant stay that way!

Tonight we went to the movies again. This time though we split up....Denver and Alec went to see "Star Trek" in one theater and me and the little kids saw the movie "Up". A good time was had by all....both movies received great reviews. Although, I have to say that our movie was quite heavy and sad. I was surprised at the subject matter in the movie. The kids really didnt pick up on it as it was dealing with issues that are far off in the future for them. Aging with regret felt like the central theme throughout the entire movie with a splash of absentee parenting, death, and keeping promises. It did end on a happy note though thankfully. I did think it was a good movie....I was just a little surprised at its serious subject matter.

I am happy to report that our little garden is growing nicely. Our beans are doing fabulously as are our Roma Tomatoes.... the Bell Peppers and Yellow Tomatoes are coming up slowly but are definitely growing. The only plant we have yet to see any of are the Green Onions....time will tell I guess!

Addison went in to the doctor today for a follow-up appointment. Her surgeon/doctor was happy to report that the pathology report came back normal, so no cancerous cells.... her eye looks almost 100% better and he gave me some good instructions and some additional ointment that will help keep these chalazions from returning. Now, it's officially the weekend....hope you all enjoy yours as much as we are going to enjoy ours!

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pete/chris whipple said...

Your garden looks wonderful! You'll have to email me about the movie UP as I have heard it's good... what about the content?