Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quote to Live By.....

"Today is a new day to recommit to your goals. Think about how you have worked hard to reach your goals and how you deserve to reach them. Don’t be the obstacle in your own way, don’t allow yourself to be. Be the best you can be. Live healthy every day."

- Lora Heyl Erickson

This is going to be my new mantra....something I repeat to myself every day when I look in the mirror. In my daily quest to become a healthier, thinner individual I often browse other websites and blogs for inspiration. Today I read an article on one of my favorite sites, The Blonde Runner, about "self sabotage" and it really hit home. I have always known that for me, it has never been about lack of will power but more about fear, when I eat something that I know I shouldn't. I'm still not sure exactly what it is that I am afraid of when I binge or eat things that I know are harming my body, but I do know that everyday it is getting easier for me to make the right choices. Whatever the fear is that has been keeping me from being the person that I know I am, it is subsiding and I am conquering it one day at a time. Here is the link to this article....maybe it will be inspirational for you too.


blonderunner said...

Thanks for the kind words Shannon. It is nice to know that my posts are helping someone. You have a beautiful family.

Turley fam said...

Very inspirational Vanessa, thanks for sharing.