Thursday, April 23, 2009

You Paid What For That Cake????

Last night we went to the monthly Pack meeting for Ian's cub scout organization. They were having a cake auction to raise money for the kids to go to scout camp this summer. Being that this is my first year in scouts, I didnt realize how serious these people take their cake auctions! I wasnt made aware that I was supposed to contribute a cake until the day before so unfortunately my cake was nothing least I know what to do next year! My sad little cake (that Addison dropped and almost ruined) still ended up being sold for $40! We took Soren with us because I had him later than usual yesterday and he had a load of fun running around with all the scouts.
So they start this auction and the first cake goes for $52 dollars! I knew I was in trouble at this point because I felt like $20 was going to be the max I could spare on a cake... My boys both begged me to bid on this really cool pirate cake and I knew that #1 everyone else was going to be bidding on it also and #2 the starting price was already going to be more than what I could spend... in the end that pirate cake went for $100!!!! I am all about giving money to a good cause but Puuuleeeze! That cake better have tasted as good as it looked is all I can say!
Ian was upset about not getting any cakes. Do you know how hard it is to explain why you couldnt win an auction cake to an 8 year old and a 7 year old boy? Impossible. Luckily a stop at the corner Shop-n-Go for treats soothed their sadness.


Alisha said...

I'm with you...I couldn't fork out that much money on a cake even if it is a good cause. Our boy scouts are doing their auction tomorrow night (not just cakes)...I'm sure I won't be bidding much.

Turley fam said...

Ok, I do see your point's a fundraiser. That is the whole point. It's not even about the cakes really. It's just a way to get these boys to scoutcamp. The LDS packs & troops are the only ones who don't require the boys to pay dues. If they joined any other group they would pay dues every single month as well as pay for their son to go to scout camp among other things. We have it so easy. So, when our scouts are allowed to do their one fundraiser a year I make sure I support it. Afterall, I have 3 boys benefiting from the program. And it is a great program that helps mold these boys into fine young men. So I say yeah to the person who paid $100 for the cake, whatever it looked like. Even if it were just a plain ole cake from a mix. Ok, I will get off my soap box now. Can you tell I have some frustration about this outside of your cake story even. I still think you are wonderful in every way and well I just had to speak my mind on this matter. Love ya!