Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Addie Jayne.....turns 3 !!

We were out of town for Addisons birthday but I still wanted to say a little about our only princess. She has been talking about her birthday for a few months now.... Im not sure she really understood just what it was but she was appropriately excited about it on Sunday. Here are a few fun facts about the little Diva..
1. Diva really describes her...she pretty much runs the joint. She can be very demanding, precocious, and ornery but then will turn around and give you so much love you just cant be annoyed with it.

2. She is such a girl...still LOVES anything pink. In fact if you have something pink, she figures it is hers and then refer to fact #1 and know that you pretty much have to give it to her.

3. She loves it when Daddy comes home! It is the most exciting part of her day...but after she hugs and kisses him, she returns to her mommy :)

4. She still sleeps with us and even though I know we need to put her in her own bed, I will miss her little snuggles with me :(

5. She likes to write lists. She gets a notepad and draws little squiggly lines across the lines on the paper...in the land of squiggles it would be totally legible.

6. She LOVES new clothes. She immediately wants to wear them when we get home. When we pass the clothes isle in any store and she sees the little girl clothes she says "awwwwww....cute!" at everything and dont even go near the shoe isle. She trys on every pair she can get her hands on.

7. Back to #6....as much as she loves clothes, she only wears them for about 2 minutes and then she strips down to her underwear and this is how she remains all day unless we are going somewhere.

I could go on and on about Addison because she brings a lot of fun to our home. I cant imagine our life without her and am thankful for the opportunity I have to raise a daughter. I just cant believe she is already 3...time flies!

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