Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I have so much to be greatful for.....this time of year always seems to be a great reminder of the good things in my life. It is so easy to focus on negative aspects of anything but it feels more wrong to do it during the holidays. We ate our Thanksgiving dinner at Nathan and Alisa's house. I took the time to watch everyone after we ate....playing games....watching a movie....playing the guitar. The fire was burning in the fireplace, it was so warm and comfortable. I couldnt help but say to myself how lucky I am to be surrounded by people that love me. Lucky that we have the means to buy and prepare the good food that we ate....and enjoyed immensely. How fortunate that we all have jobs, homes, clothing......and most of all LOVE. It was an awesome reflection that choked me up a bit. We were also fortunate enough to have Alec here with us this Thanksgiving. The kids especially enjoyed his visit. The boys really look up to him and want to be around him constantly. Addison was a bit infatuated with him too and called him "Allie" the entire time. She loves him and doesnt even know why yet. He is growing up so fast.....I know how hard it is for Denver to be away from him so much.

Friday we went and got our Christmas tree. It is so beautiful! It is the most perfect tree I think I have ever seen. It almost looks fake it is so perfect.....I love it! I spent most of the day today decorating it and putting up our outdoor christmas lights. It is so much work but this is the first year I actually got it all up before December......Im on a roll. I only have the window lights to put up now but I had to stop so I could prepare my talk for church tomorrow.

We also took some pictures for our Christmas cards since Alec was here with us. They turned out pretty good.....Im not posting them on the slideshow though until after I send the cards out....sorry :) I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday. For those family and friends who follow my blog, I am grateful to have you all in my life, whatever your role may be.


Turleyfam said...

What a beautiful post. You are such a softey. Your Christmas decor looks wonderful and so festive. I love sitting in my house at night with just the Christmas lights one. It just feels so warm & cozy & peaceful and I love it.

pete/chris whipple said...

Sounds like you all had such a nice Thanksgiving. I love this time of year! Love the picture of the kids and everyone! How did your talk go?!!

Alisha said...

Can't wait to see the picture of all of you together. The tree really does look almost TOO perfect...beautiful!

K19 said... you decorate trees for a living? Care to come to Texas and spruce mine up? Seriously- your kids are SO darling!!!! What a great looking family!!! Is is amazing what we DO have to be Thankful for! SO TRUE!!!

Wyatts said...

Vanessa I knew when I clicked on to leave a comment I would see "I love your tree" well that's because it is beautiful! The whole room looks like it should be in a magazine! Nice thoughts too! It is such a nice time to reflect on our blessings and to be thankful for what we have. Thanks for the nice reminder.


Wow ALL of your family is growing. I love your pics!! Now I want to get my tree up today and just sit and stare at it for a month. You are amazing doing so much in one day with 4 kids in the house. You totally win my hero of the day award, sorry no real prize but my admiration is given.