Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Nights....

We enjoyed our Sunday today. Mainly because we received the good news that we dont have to change wards. They have reorganized our Stake and because we sortof live right on the outskirts of our particular ward, we were pretty sure they were going to cast us off into another ward. Thankfully, they have combined us completely with another and so the 2 years we have spent getting to know people will not have been wasted! I had become resolved to the idea though and was beginning to think that it wouldnt be so bad to meet new people, but now we have the opportunity to get to know the new people while staying with the old. Best scenario possible! Of course, this means all new leadership which equals all new callings......I have a feeling I will be utilized for something very soon.

It was near 95 degrees today but so nice and cool this evening in the backyard.... I had some fun taking pictures of the kids, minus Ian who was down at his friends house playing their Wii.
These are our grapes that are just beginning to bloom.... The vine has grown clear up a willow tree in the yard behind us... so high we wont be able to get the grapes! Evan and Addison enjoying the cool night in our backyard......we LOVE summer! Addison hasnt figured out how to smile just yet but we love her anyway.

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Alisha said...

We love summer nights as well...much better than being cooped up in the house. Addison is so cute...If you didn't know she was smiling you might think she was in pain!