Sunday, June 29, 2008


Anyone else out there experiencing Miley mania in their homes? Well, my boys LOVE her...and Addison squeals everytime she hears her songs or sees her on TV. For the longest time I wouldnt allow my kids to watch Hannah Montana....not that its bad, but my oldest is only 7 and I just thought it might be a bit mature for their age. I do however have Alec here on occasion (my nearly 14 year old step-son)and like a lot of 13/14 year old boys, he thinks she is "hot" and wants to watch the show...... . So, I kindof have to pick my battles and letting them watch Hannah Montana was one that I gave in on. But, I figured I'd better mention to Alec that she is related to us. This fact did not change his opinion of her....big shock. Ian asked me the other day to explain just how he and Miley were related so after 4 hours of research on the computer and a number of calls to Kentucky, here is what we discovered: my husband Denver and Billy Ray Cyrus are 5th cousins. Their Great-Great-Great Grandfathers were brothers. So, there you go, mystery solved. Almost. We also discovered a couple of situations where there may be some "illegitimacy" going on if you know what I mean. There was some conflicting infomation on whose father was whose and even some people whose information seemed to stop cold after a few lines..... we read some interesting stories about babies being born to showgirls on the Ohio river and being "dumped" at their supposed fathers house to be raised. Crazy stuff. I decided to skip that information and just tell Ian that he and Miley are 6th cousins, if there is such a thing, so technically they could marry and their kids wouldnt look weird!

On another Miley note. I have now officially entered 250 times into a contest to win tickets for the Stadium of Fire show in Provo.....which Miley Cyrus is headlining incidentally. 4 tickets plus 4 meet and greet passes not to mention one of the biggest firework shows in the state. How cool would that be to tell the kids we won. I cant even imagine the joy.......wish us luck!

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Alisha said...

Those Kentucky family trees can get pretty interesting. My girls will be jealous when I tell them you all are related. That would be awesome if you won the tickets! I love the picture of the kids playing on the playground...looks like a cool park!