Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So, I love to read blogs. Im sortof a blog stalker....or not sortof, AM a blog stalker. But there is so much entertainment out there. I have found some really good writing and even though I dont know these people from Adam, or Eve, I find myself drawn to stories of their daily lives simply because of the way they express themselves. I envy people that can write like that.

So, one of my favorite blogs "I think this world is Perfect" posted a snippet today of something his little girl said that I found so funny. He was pouring himself a cup of coffee and she said: "I can't wait until I'm old enough to drink coffee. And then, when I'm that old, I'm going to have a TV in my room, and I can watch it. Yay!!!"
Man, dont you miss being a kid and having that kindof perspective? The simplicity of being a child and wishing for things that adults take for granted or just find silly. Anyway, I just thought it was so cute....had to share. If she only knew that being an adult means so much more than a cup of coffee and a personal TV... she'd wish to stay little forever :)

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