Sunday, September 30, 2007

September Snow....

So, weird snowed in the middle, ok end, of September. Still, we dont usually see snow until November so it was strange! I thought it would stay up in the mountains but oh snowed right in our yard and even started sticking for a little while. Of course it didnt stay and Im sure it will warm up again but the kids were thrilled to see it. Me, not so much. I do enjoy the first really big snow storm. You know the kind that hangs off the trees along the street....the kind that covers everything like a big white blanket. Love those storms.... but then, you have to clean it up and then it always gets bitter cold afterward making it not as much fun as when it was falling and covering everything. Ah, well I guess it is inevitable. Winter is just around the corner.

Well, in other news, I start training for my new job tomorrow. Im looking forward to being home during the week and more importantly not having to get up super early in the morning! I hate alarm clocks...truly. When mine goes off it is all I can do not to slam it into a thousand pieces. Anyway, I had orientation yesterday....meanwhile Denver and the kids went over to Denvers' work (Boeing) for their 20th anniversay party. They had lots of food and fun for the family and the boys were soooooooo excited to see the place where "daddy builds airplanes". They got to see all the equipment and metal and the big gigantic forms that they make pieces of the airplane wings from. It was very exciting for them. I met them over there after my orientation was done. The boys attemepted to rock climb on this huge rock wall they brought in for the kiddies....I took some pictures on my new cell phone but havent figured out yet how to get them onto my computer. I will post them as soon as I figure it out. It was quite funny though. Rock climbing definitely does not come naturally for them. Evans hopes of reaching the top were quickly dashed after he realized how difficult it really was. And Ian....well, he thought he could just pull himself up and his legs would follow. Neither of them made it even halfway. But it was fun nonetheless.

This morning I woke up with a fantastic cold. My head feels like it will explode at any moment and every bone in my face hurts thanks to the sinus pressure. I had to go to church and teach my class so I got out of day was made better when I dressed Addie in her new dress. She looked like a little princess and I couldnt help but smile and want to go show her off. I love little girls!!!! Im so happy to have her but I must admit after my 4 day break from having her around I am looking forward to when she turns 3 or 4. Ive come to the realization that I am at a point in my life where I need my sleep and I need some quiet time. Most of you know that isnt possible with babies around. After I had Addison and realized that I shouldnt have any more children I was kinda sad because I really enjoy being a mom and love the whole experience of pregnancy, delivery, and newborn babies. I could see myself having more....but now, I feel much differently. I know now that I am done having children and Im totally OK with that. I love my 3 healthy children and they keep me plenty busy and fill me with love so it is a great feeling to be done. I think having Addison away from me for those few days helped me to realize that I am happy with my family just the way it is......its kindof like closure in a way.

Well, hope everyone has a happy week! Ciao for now.

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Melanie said...

What a darling dress and a CUTE little girl...maybe there will be a little daughter in my future someday. :)