Sunday, September 9, 2007


So, after living in Salt Lake City off and on for nearly 6 of our married years together, we finally attended the annual Greek Festival. We have been wanting to do it for years and thanks to free tickets from Zions Bank.....we braved the crowds on Saturday and went. Our main objective was the food...of course. I only just learned to like some Greek Food, and when I say some I mean Gyros made with chicken not lamb and lemon rice or Pilafia as they call it. Yes, I am a culinary whimp. Im not adventurous and I do not like to try new things. I have been cursed with a child just like me (Ian) and now understand how frustrating it was for my own parents. This being said, I have made a silent vow to try at least a bite of anything that scares me...unless it is too weird, like snails, squid, and any other slimy disgusting creature. Fish eggs? NEVER! Tongue or Brains of any animal? NEVER! But a Gyro made with shaved lamb meat? I guess. Besides, by the time we got through the 2 mile long line for the food, I think I would have eaten ANYTHING.....except the aforementioned foods :) I have to say, that although I kept thinking that it was going to taste disgusting at some point, I finished the whole Gyro. I also tried a bite of Denvers Tyropite which is made with Feta cheese....yuck. The flaky crust was yummy but I have a thing about crumbly warm makes me want to hurl, its a texture thing. We also ate Baklava and a Galotoboureko which is made with a really thick custard. Neither of them made me jump for joy like most pastries do, but they werent bad. All in all, I feel like I went outside of my comfort zone and survived. We saw some cool Old School Greek Dances which made Ian ask the next day "Why do Greek boys wear pom poms on their shoes?" I should have taken a picture of Ian's sour face he had put on the entire time we were waiting to eat, eating and cleaning up. Did I mention he didnt eat a single thing? Like I said, no adventure in eating with that one. He was angry that we had to eat first as he wanted to go out to the carnival part. All I have to say about that was what a rip off! I hope they use the money they made off of us to do good things for their church (Greek Orthodox of Salt Lake) because they had to have made a bundle! I They charged a dollar a ticket and the 4 or 5 "rides" cost at least 2 but mostly 3 or 4 tickets a piece and did I call them rides? Only 2 fit that qualification, the rest were blow up slides or boucy castles.....totally lame. We ended up dropping $60 on the evening and Im considering writing it off as a charitable donation! The cotton candy and tour of the Greek Orthodox Church were the highlight. It was hilarious watching Addie eat her first cotton candy. For now, she does not like it. Every time the cotton touched her face she freaked out. When she did manage to get a little bit in her mouth, the instant melting of it threw her for such a loop that she decided to huck it out of her stroller! The church was really interesting and the boys were fascinated by all the strange paintings. Ian asked a lot of questions which I did my best to answer considering I know nothing about the Greek Orthodox faith. The paintings were very bright and garish and Ian didnt even recognize Christ on the cross in one of them. But, it was interesting and good to see another church and learn a little about their belief process. We ended the evening at Cold Stone Creamery thanks to Uncle Nate and Aunt Alisa for the gift card they gave me for my bday! Yum!
So, this Sunday was Stake Conference and as much as I wanted to go, I slept in for once and enjoyed every minute of it. We didnt get out of bed until almost 10am which is a record for everyone. I was up part of the night with Ian who had a horrible stomache ache (no dinner, and lots of wonder) so after some Pepto and foot rubbing, he finally went to sleep.
Today we decided to spend some "quality" family time together and go fishing. Gee... I wonder whose idea that was. We went to a nice little pond in Draper but didnt get a bite. Still it was a beautiful Fall day and we saw a turtle and a beaver!
Next week begins the daily marathon that is motherhood. Soccer, piano, chess club, school.....I may go mad before it is all over and we still only have one vehicle....AHHHHHH!!! Sometime during this coming week we hope to meet our newest family member...Soren. He has been teasing his mother all week with steady contractions and dilation but still has not made his debut. If he doesn't come soon, he will exceed my bet on weight and height which is 8 pounds 13 ounces and 22 inches long. For Alisa's sake, I hope he comes before Wednesday. We are so excited to see him!

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Alisha said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! I really am going to miss all of the fun fall festivals they had in Kentucky! My kids loved the parades, the rides and just the fun fall atmosphere. There are a couple of festivals planned around here...we will let you know how they stack up!