Sunday, September 16, 2007

Welcome Soren.....

Well he finally arrived. On Wednesday Sept 12th Alisa gave birth to 8 pound 9 ounce, 20.5 inch long Soren. Everything went pretty good, especially considering she did it without any pain medicine at all. I think total labor and delivery time was 9 hours or so. Anyway, he is beautiful and we are so excited to have him in the family. Of course mom and dad came up for the occasion. Ian and Evan couldnt wait to see their first boy cousin and Addison was just plain jealous. She looked very nervous at the hospital and kept kissing me as if I was about to trade her in or something! Never! So now that Nate and Alisa have been bombarded with people for the last few days, I think they are looking forward to this coming week just the 3 of them (well 4 counting Miles) Peace and quiet......sortof. By the way, thanks Nate for letting me help you with the baby swing. We love you guys!

So, now for the ho hum stuff. Lets see, we finally got the other car fixed YEAH! I guess Im just spoiled but I sure got sick of only having one vehicle. We did it before but that was when we didnt have kids. It is very difficult only having one car when you work different shifts and have kids in school. So, we are relieved to have it back. The boys start soccer this week so we will be pretty busy with soccer, piano, and Ian's chess club. Halloween will be here before we know it, which means Ian's birthday too! Then Turkey Day and Christmas. Im sure it will all speed on by. This is my last week at the "job from hell".....thank heavens. I start the new one on Saturday. So, on with life. Until the next blog. Have a great week.

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