Saturday, May 23, 2009

Simply Saturday....

Today was one of those days that remind is good. It started out with my weekly weigh-in. Here is a little background on this "weighty" issue. I have been trying to lose weight for a while now. I have had some success and some miserable failure too. The past 3 months have been so incredibly frustrating that I thought I might just give up and stay fat forever. Luckily, I have a trainer who is an absolute saint in my book. Finally, after 2 months of zero weight loss and what I thought was a lot of effort on my part, I lost 5 pounds this week! Its like my body is finally "getting it". For the first time in my very long dieting history, I believe I have figured it out and only see a much healthier future for me.....I'll keep you updated on my other blog that has been noticeably unattended to for a long time. I'll have to clean the cobwebs off first....

After I weighed in and met with my Aunt, who comes over every Saturday to report about her own dieting efforts, I went to my Personal trainer for my Saturday beat down. I'm starting to really LOVE the pain now that I know it is actually doing something!! Its feels so good to finish that hour with him.... And by the way, there is no secret that I have discovered on this weight loss thing. It literally comes down to consistently eating right and a ton of exercise for me. I keep track of what I eat all day long; I eat something every 3 hours; I exercise for an hour and a half 6 days a week...and that is no joke. When I got home I took Evan to a birthday party and then Ian, Addison and myself went to lunch....and the park, again. The weather is so perfect right now....77 degrees slightly breeze. Perfect. As usual, I took too many pictures but still have to post them here if not for family, for my own satisfaction. Ian ended up running into his classmate Andrew. He was so excited you would have thought he won the lottery....There was a bike race going on at the park and we had to park and walk a bit because they had closed the roads into the park. Addie was amazed watching this massive group of bikers fly past us at a very quick was kindof exciting to watch!

We are getting ready for Alec's summer visit. He comes in next Thursday. We have some plans for the month that he is here so hopefully it will be fun! Until then, no major plans.... Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!


Turley fam said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! I'll be checking out your other blog. :)
Loved the park pictures, looks like it was a great day all the way around.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vanessa,

I can tell by looking at your pictures that you have lost weight. Don't worry, with your hard work, it will definitely pay off.
I have been at a stand still for about a month. I am trying not to lose hope. But I am still hanging on.

The pictures of the children are amazing.
I hope the visit with Alec goes good.
Have a great day,