Monday, October 27, 2008

Singing Makes Us Happy.....

I just had the last rehearsal for my choir performance last night..... it was kinda sad but I am excited to sing in the Tabernacle on Saturday. We have worked hard. Last night we were recorded for a CD which was cool. It was a bit uncomfortable as they crammed us into the chapel and shut all the doors in order to keep all the sound in. Normally we fill the chapel and the overflow but we all squished into the chapel last night. It was hot and someone close to me was not wearing enough deodorant.... Anyway, Im excited to hear the cd so I can hear how we actually sound. My parents will be in town this weekend so my mom is coming the hear us sing. Dad opted out...shock....but will be babysitting the babies so that everyone else can attend. Thanks Dad. We will be celebrating Ian's 8th birthday on Sunday with a big lunch here at our house. Ian has requested Broccoli Cheese potato soup so we are having a soup lunch. More on that later.

Speaking of Ian, it was brought to my attention at church yesterday that the musical gene has been passed on to him. For those that dont know, on my mom's side of the family my aunt, uncle, (aunt Debbie, uncle Barry) and at one time, my Grandmother all sing/sang in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. On my dads side, his biological father was a professional singer and one of his sisters (my aunt Alice) also sings professionally. His other sister (my aunt Chrissy) also has an amazing voice! Ok, so now that you know the background, the primary was practicing for their upcoming program yesterday and after Sunday School I went in the chapel to find a seat with the kids. Evan's teacher stopped me and said "Im Evans teacher, but I was sitting next to your other son (Ian) during the practice and I wanted to tell you that he has an incredible voice~ His pitch is almost perfect and he even sings with some vibrato!" I was stunned actually.....I mean Ive heard him sing and he is always on tune but Ive never heard him really sing like that. I was pretty proud. The funny thing is that I have heard Evan sing before when he didnt know I was listening and if he werent so shy about it, I have often thought that Evan sings pretty well too..... Im happy that they have musicality and a love for it as well. I have always wished I had done more with it.

I just wanted to remember this little morsel of information so that I can share it with Ian later in his life when he doesnt want to sign up for high school choir! Ha!


Alisha said...

The choir sounds like a lot of fun. You will have to add the music from your performance to your playlist. Sounds like you all have a fun week/weekend planned.

K19 said...

Save me some soup! Good Luck this weekend!!!